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Hi, my name is Jeremy Werst, and I'm a web developer working out of Minneapolis, MN.  My specialty is in creating beautiful websites that adhere to modern css and html specifications, specifically working with the concrete5 content management system.

This site is where I post about the things that I create, programming tricks I find, and pretty much everything else that I find interesting. 

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UX - Less is often more

UX - Less is often more

There are two different ways to approach code. Generic, fits anything and everything for everyone. Or custom and as easy to use as possible, but just for one client. 

Most of what I do is the latter. An image carousel I've been working on made me think about the dichotomy between these two a lot. The way I build applications for concrete5 seems to be completely at opposite with what most people doing things for the marketplace 

Posted on May 1, 2014
Categories : concrete5 programming php code patterns user experience

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