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About Jeremy Werst

I have such a hard time answering this question.  Really, how much should I put here? What should I be saying about myself with this web page?  This is the one page on the internet that is "About Jeremy Werst."  When you google my name, it should be right at the top of the list if I'm doing my job right.

There are thousand and one things I could say here.  About the type of person I am and type of person I could be.  From day to day, it changes as my focus and tasks do.  Some things remain constant, skills and habits I've aquired along the way.  Other things change, drifting in and out with my changing goals and expectations of life.

But really, how do I narrow it down to one thing that I want to say to any of the nearly two billion internet users that could be coming to this page?  What is the value and meaning and weight of the text that I put here?

Who I Am

  • I am a skilled professional you would want to hire to create your website, automate your printshop or code your variable data print campaign.
  • A lifelong, year round cyclist and an advocate for societal change to a greener world.
  • A single hetero male in his mid 30s looking for meaning and love in life.
  • I have had hurdles in my life, years that I've left behind but still shape my daily world.
  • I live with a mental illness and it changes how I see and interact with the world, both in good and bad ways.

So, what will this one page say to you, the one that is reading it? 

What do I want to let you know about me?

I guess, the answer is not much.  

Instead, I want to show you how to make yummy vegan masala chai!!!

Really, I'd much rather help broadcast your message rather than try to come up with my own message.  Life's just less stressful for me that way.  What is it that you want to say?  Please leave me a note in the comments with a little about you and what it is that you want to say, I'd love to hear it and get to know more.

At any rate the links below might get you a good start to understanding who I am.