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And 4am the next night. What's going on here?

I headed out for Northern Spark meaning to meet a couple people and then hit up the ride of the fireflies.  There were no lights left when I got to the information tent near the Stone Arch so I ran to the Greenway to see if they had any there.  They didn't but I ran into two of my friends from Occupy and ended up hanging out with them until nearly 4am.

I went to Icarus Project after blogging yesterday.  It was a pretty mellow group, the Free Space was having a rummage sale trying to raise money for moving I think so it took quite awhile for the people who worked there to clear out so we could have our meeting.  I guess we are going to have one more meeting there and then we need to move to a new space.  The person that told me he wanted to check at Boneshaker apparently never got back to the group so I'm going to follow up there and see if we can get some space from them.  I think that might be better than Madame, especially if it's free.  It also matters if they have it open on the weekend.  A lot of people were having actually pretty good weeks so our subject was trying to hold on to the good feelings when they come.  Seems like I'm not alone in thinking that every time things are going good it must mean that something huge is on the horizon that is going to come down and just make everything shitty.

One of the women from the group was thinking about heading out to Northern Spark and I mentioned that I was planning on doing the same thing but didn't have anyone to go with.  We made plans with one other woman from the group to meet up at the 10 second film festival.  I came home and ate dinner and headed down to the event about 9:15, trying to find the Mill City information booth to get lights for the 1000 Fireflies ride.  I saw a guy with the lights and asked him where he got them and he turned out to be the artist behind the project.  I needed to head across the river and down 5th to the information booth there but he thought they were nearly sold out.  I went there and they were only doing will call on the lights, apparently you could order them online before the event.  Oops.  I wish that had of been laid out in the facebook event, maybe it was and I just didn't see it. 

I wanted to meet someone during that ride so I texted the woman from Icarus saying that I was going to go in search of the lights.  It was super busy down there and I didn't think I'd be able to find them in the crowd anyway.  Then I headed down to the Greenway where they apparently also had lights.  I was too late there too, they had sold out before 9pm which was actually the earliest I thought you could pick up the lights from reading the facebook invite.  That bummed me out a lot, I really thought this would be a neat art project to participate in. 

While I was at the Midtown center looking for the lights I ran into two people from Occupy who I was hanging out with the night before.  I decided to hang out with them because I didn't know where anyone else was.  We checked out a small installation by the Greenway but there really wasn't much going on there.  I'd picked up a 6 pack of Two Hearted on the way home from Icarus and had two with dinner, I brought the four that were left and a bottle of chai with me for the night.  I gave away one of my beers and drank one while we were standing around.  First off we went to the Exco where they had an experiment using sparklers to draw time exposure pictures.  First off we tried to draw a picture with waves, a fish and a bird.  The only thing that really turned out was my waves.  Then we did another exposure but didn't have anything planned, I drew an anarchy symbol which was again the only picture that turned out.  We had enough sparkler time to do one more exposure and this time I tried to draw a peace symbol but that didn't turn out. 

From there we headed back down to the St. Anthony Main area to check out the rest of the show.  That was pretty fun.  There was a dance/projection/music piece that we watched under a bridge that was neat but I didn't quite 'get' - I don't really understand dance all that much.  Then we checked out an area with a bunch of repurposed art shanties.  I'd already seen most of them when I was dating Tanya for a bit last winter, the shanties were one of the things we did together.  So that was a little boring.  From there we wandered a bit further and started running into other people from Occupy, from then on the rest of the night was mostly spent wandering around with other Occupy people.  We hung out in the park and drank for a bit, then checked out the light up pillars near where they were doing the 10 Second Film Fest.  I didn't take my shoes off and 'become an actor' but I watched as the other people did, I didn't want to leave my messenger bag and pannier unattended.  Then we went and checked out the Soap Factory, there wasn't really a lot going on there but we stayed for awhile.  Then we headed back out and hung out on the porch of the Soap Factory for a bit, then headed back down to the main area where stuff was still happening.

Down there we ran into the person who had invited me on the camping trip at the end of July.  He was offering shots of Jameson and against my better judgement I actually took a swig.  That worries me a little bit, I really was planning on only drinking beer.  Then we headed back and picked up the bikes and the woman who found my GPS headed home and the rest of us started walking back towards the park planning on crossing the Stone Arch and finding out what was still going on across the river.    Someone called the woman who left and convinced her to come back down to the festival and she was soon with us again. 

The dance shanty from the art shanties was still going strong and several people headed over to that.  I stayed out for a little bit but pretty soon the consensus was that everyone was going to be heading that way.  I don't really dance though I had tried for a little bit at another dance area further down the road where they had a two bicycle trailer loaded up with sound equipment.  But after sitting down on a bench for a bit I really didn't feel up to dancing for several more hours, no matter how fun it was hanging out with people.  By this point in time it was getting to be about 3:15 or so, maybe a little later.  I headed with the guy from NDP that I'd first ran into who lives in Seward to check out the other side of the Stone Arch but pretty much everything down there was shut down.  We headed back together but probably should have split up, we lived in different areas of Seward and I went out of my way quite a bit trying to follow him.

By the time I got home it was 3:56 so I guess not quite 4am as I say in the title of the post but it's pretty close.  Oddly enough today I actually woke up about 9am and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up pretty quickly.  Slight hangover for my efforts last night but that went away after taking some Ibuprofen.  I never did get drunk last night so the hangover was kind of a bummer.  Now I'm doing some laundry before heading out to Open Streets.  I'm planning on grabbing breakfast/lunch from there, hopefully there will be people serving food.  I think there will, there are several restaurants along the way.  I'm not going with anyone again but hopefully I run into some people to hang out with.  I don't know what I'll do after that, probably come home and work on the website I've been putting off for the last couple weeks.  I think there's only a couple of hours work left on the two sites.  It wil be nice to finish that up.  I have no other plans for the evening.

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