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Finally there's something happening with the Icarus project in Minneapolis

This Sunday January 8th at the Minnehaha free space there will be a meeting of the Icarus Project at 4pm.  If you know what that means keep reading, if not there's probably not a lot to read here. Large portions of this post only there for people in the Crazy People group.

A friend of mine let me know about this upcoming meeting, it makes me really happy.

If you don't know what it is, the Icarus Project, it's basically a network for people living with mental illness that seeks to embrace the whole person and not just look at them as a symptom to be treated.  When I first was diagnosed their Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness (pdf) zine was really key in learning what my condition is and figuring out how to approach treatment and my doctors.  I feel like I have a much greater control over my condition and my interactions with my care providers because of the insights into how treatment has gone for other people.

I tried connecting with the local chapter awhile back through the online forums on their website but nobody ever replied to my questions about the meeting schedules, it seemed like everything was pretty much dead. 

From looking at the forum post about the free space it seems like it's kind of a temporary thing but they might be meeting up more often if they can get the space more often. 

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