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I've been trying to blog, really I have...

I've sat down and tried to start blog posts a couple times over the last few weeks, but haven't finished them and then other stuff came up, and, um, yeah.  I just haven't published anything.  Here's a bit of what's up.

Seems like lately, there just aren't enough hours in the day.  My weekends I've been spending at home working on stuff, but it's all been programming and not blogging.  

There ahs been a lot of updating things to be responsive.  I did about 95% of the two sites for my trade thing with my brother, kind of an extra bonus to say 'sorry' for letting that one fall by the wayside for the last few months.  Then I started in on updating the greaserag.org site.  None of these are ready to go live, but I did a lot over the last few weekends.

I also started in on a final package for oembed.  I have a few samples so far, here and here.  I've worked out how to make most stuff responsive.  I need to update the stylesheet a bit, maybe make it a php include or something so that I could make a dashboard page for configuring background colors and fonts / sizes.  I think that it's going to be a very popular package, but you never really know.  So far, I think I've made a good start. To do yet on that one:

  1. Make layout a bit more configurable.  Right now there is no right / left option for displaying data, and the markup for applying the layout is super clunky and convoluted and repeated in many places within the actual php library, which is really where I don't want to have the html generation happening.  So figuring out a way to let it include elements or something, passing in a set of oembed metadata would be key.
  2. Make a page list block that does oembed
    1. Make a couple blog style templates
    2. Templates for popular packages
  3. Verify that caching is working properly.
  4. Create a fallback for sites that do not have oembed to use opengraph metadata if it exists, possibly even use regular meta tags if those don't exist to get title, description, etc.
  5. Secondary syntax for embeds that allows all options to be specified through a [oembed options={width: '500px', height: '600px', layout: 'layout_handle'}]http://somesite.com[/oembed] syntax.  Maybe do everything within one set of brackets, with url as one of the option parameters?  Anyway, allowing more control within the rich text editor.
  6. A ton more.

So yeah, that package is my holiday vacation.  I'm using my last 1.5 days of vacation for the year to make it a 5 day weekend, and I'm hoping to have it submitted to the marketplace by the 25th.  Honestly, the way I want to build it, I'm thinking it might be more like mid Jan.  

I'm kind of wondering what people think of a package like this - what is it worth to a site owner, or to a developer? Would you use this on your site?

I'm also looking at how this package lets you do things, and it's giving me a lot of ideas for making new blogging platforms for concrete5.  I'm also trying to figure out the composer interface so that I can clone some of it's functionality for certain page types, giving you a list / filter / search layout on one page, then a tabbed interface on another for editing the page.  Mobile friendly dashboard forms with attributes to create filterable and searchable ajax interfaces for some really rich content.  So many ideas.  I'll probably be trying out a few of them over then next month or two here, now that I'm mostly caught up on my freelance stuff.  

Hopefully actually creating a quicker format blog might help me get more content out there - I've been wanting to start trying to index stuff in pasties from the IRC or my own projects, so that I can find and re-use it faster.  Or to keep track of code samples and other stuff that I find online.  Or even, really, stuff like facebook posts that my friends make, or just urls that I find interesting or videos I want to watch.  Being able to keep track all of that with, oh, 5 or 6 multi-select attributes, different parent area filters, date filters, etc - I might actually stop losing links to the stuff that I go 'hey, I need to remember this for the next time I do that' and then never remember how to find.

And yeah, there's so much more that I want to post, but it's 11:45 and I have to ride out to Golden Valley tomorrow morning, so, off to bed.

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