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All About Oembed

The point behind this add on is to make it as simple as possible to add rich media and external content in your site without having to use a ton of custom blocks.

What's Included So Far:

Custom Templates

  • Content Block : You can update any content already on your site without having to copy and paste to a new block. There is also a template to match the "Blog Post" style from Problog. You can choose to override the built in template for Problog, and all posts will use the Oembed version instead.

    Please note: that the default install uses a block name on the page default content block for the blog post page type.
  • ProBlog List : these match up with the templates that come from ProBlog by default, but allow Oembed replacement. If you are pulling from an area on the page and truncating, it will use the Page Break method to split.
Custom Blocks
  • Oembed Content : This is a replacement for the built in content block, but allows you to override any site wide setting for Oembed on per-block basis.
  • Oembed Page List : This replacement for the built in page list allows you the same overrides as the oembed content block. It also has options to change how content is truncated, so that you can use the rich text splitting simply by choosing an option in the edit form.

Both custom Oembed blocks come with example templates showing how to use Isotope loaded from the Common Tools Package (required for installation.)


  • Fully Responsive By Default : The in-page views and the modals are all fully responsive. This should work for almost all content types. If there are providers that do not display properly, please let me know via the support section on concrete5.org and I will try to make them work on responsive sites. Please note that your custom css or content-type templates may break this functionality
  • Extensible : Everything is built to be as reusable as possible. There are no restrictions to how you display things. It plays nice with whatever you want to build - you can simply call the oembed helper, pass it the text you need to parse, and then do whatever you want with the new content.

Plans For The Future

I'd like to create a blog that uses this content by default, probably also with a Wordpress site importer. That's going to take awhile to get finished. 

I'd also like to make a package for 'quick posts' that would allow you to quickly add a url, then get back the metadata for it. You could then either keep the existing metadata, or add your own. There would be more fields available for categorization, so you could say that a link is a twitter post about bicycles and camping. An ajax powered search interface combined with the Isotope functionality could be a really awesome way of keeping content going on your site. 

It would also be nice to add in another library so that it supports OpenGraph as well. Then if there is no Oembed data from the URL, it could still get some information from the link to display on the page. 

Browse the links in the side navigation to see samples of it in action!

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