Welcome to Werstnet, the online home of Jeremy Werst.

Please forgive the sparseness of the site, I recently went through the upgrade / export / import procedure to bring my site from concrete5 version to version 8.3.2 running as a composer install. It was quite the process, and I lost a lot of information such as the comments on all my posts because the page IDs changed and I was using disqus. So, for the moment I just have things as a very sparse theme with really only my blog posts as content. I had to take down all of my addon demo sites and the whole playground area I had because those wouldn't run on php 7.2.

To be honest, I kind of like it. Feels good to wipe the slate clean on a site that had been upgraded from probably version 3, and have all the modern benefits of concrete5 to play around with. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with the upgraded version, I've worked with it a lot but haven't really played with it yet.

Feel free to look around, there's a lot here about old versions of concrete5, bicycles, and more general programming stuff.

Here for the chai?

There's also quite a bit here about making  the best vegan chai out there. If you're interested in that kind of thing, my recipe is posted over here. I have the updated uber geek version of this that makes 7 quarts and involves using a kitchen scale that can read the thenths of a gram over here.


Interested in what I have to say about life, coding, computers, bicycles, etc, etc?

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