6-25-2012, Work, first counselling session, not much else


Today was pretty steady at work, then I broke in the afternoon to head to the clinic.  I thought about heading out to do something in the evening but really didn't feel that sociable.

I woke up pretty early today but really didn't feel like getting out of bed.  I had to at some point before working though, I needed to hit up the coop to buy supplies to make lunch or I wouldn't have anything to eat.  I got up with about 1/2 hour left before work started and ran to buy food and some Dr. Bronner's soap.  Came home and started up a batch of chai and ended up pretty much right on time to start working.

The first thing up was redoing the work that I did yesterday on the calendar.  Turns out that it didn't work in Windows at all.  This was because of the way that Full Calendar returned the date.  I was just taking the returned date and escaping it and passing it to the concrete 5 side of things and under Windows the string generated was including the full text of "Central Standard Time" so the php function strtotime() didn't work.  It took quite a bit of messing around with it to determine what was going on, then I ended up realizing that it was a full javascript date object being returned so I could call the toISOString() function on it and get something that was standard across the different operating systems and worked with strtotime.  Of course I figured this out after I had already refactored a lot of it.  I was using get strings to control the start and end dates as you switched back and forth between the different views and I thought that it was escaping the date and the get string not being read properly that was causing the problems at first.  So I had moved to using a hidden form and posting the variables instead but that didn't work at all, it was still not showing proper data in Windows.  I also moved from using a tools file in the list views to simply outputting the data directly in the view.  So a lot of work that wasn't really necessary, but finally got it working.

Next up I did a couple forms that need some integration with automatically generated PDFs for member ID cards.  I did the part to get the member id out of the database according to last name and date of birth and stubbed in 'add link to pdf here' for Robert to do later on.  I wrapped up with that pretty close to when I needed to head out to my first counselling appointment.

That went OK.  I'm going to be going back every two weeks starting two Tuesdays from now.  I'm not sure how much good it will do but it seems like it might be worth doing.  I didn't feel all that positive about today's appointment but it was just the start.  I didn't get much chance to ask questions about how it's supposed to go, I mostly just talked about what was wrong and what I want to change.  The next meeting will be a full hour rather than a half hour so that will probably mean that more will get accomplished.

When I got home there were a couple more things I could have gotten to work on but they needed clarification and approval of quotes so I had to wait on those.  Instead I worked on some stuff for greaserag.org. - Lowrah had contacted me in the morning pointing out several things that weren't working properly.  To add onto it there was a problem with the server - we got hacked through a wordpress blog and everything was being transferred to another virtual server on the server that runs her site.  I wasn't able to reproduce the questions about display of pages in the blog lists, those seemed to be resolved by the time I looked at it.  I fixed a problem with the member list where a member without a user blog would break the layout with a PHP error, then fixed some problems with comments.  Approving a comment would update the time stamp of the comment to the moment it was approved, not the time it was posted.  This turned out to be from the database table, it was set to 'on update current timestamp' for the time field in the database row.  Then she also pointed out that the comments approval page that we were using that I think is by Chad Strat didn't show you what page was actually being commented on so I added that in.  The other thing I did was to update the links in the comments when you are a logged in user and commenting which point back to the user profile page.  The function to display the user info wasn't there, I was copying the code from bikedate.mn and the profile controller didn't have the u function that the comments were linking to.

After that I watched "Attack the Block" which was pretty good.  A friend had posted up that they are making a movie based on Snow Crash and the article mentioned that the writer director was chosen because of this movie.  It was pretty good, I had a bit of a hard time understanding some of the dialogue because of the heavy accents.  I ordered in pizza for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking and drank several beers while watching it.  Then I started in on a few episodes of Time Team.

Tomorrow I head out to go shopping for a tent and that's really about it that I have planned for the day besides the Icarus Project.  I'm not actually sure where we are meeting which is kind of a problem, it could be at the Free Space or it could be at Boneshaker.  There never was a consensus, most people that go aren't really online all that much.