A load off of my mind


I heard back from HCMC today, and they are wiping my slate clean on the $11,783.61 that I owe them.

In other news, I also have more work on the plate to do, so I'm pretty sure that I have enough to cover Jan and most of Feb for bills. 

I'm also trying to make sure that I publish something every day, even  if it isn't much.  Kind of like this one, I was so busy all day that I couldn't sit down and just type out some long blog post.  But, it's going to be good for me to try and keep track of every single day for a year, see how my cycles go with the whole bipolar thing.

Today, today is pretty manic, pretty wired, but I didn't get a whole lot done.  Mostly it was just communicating.  Seems like communication can be one of the things that triggers me getting manic, when I'm seeing emails and facebook and twitter and IRC chat and phone calls.  All of this external stimuli, which then makes me do things like putting off breakfast until the afternoon, and putting off dinner until the late night...

My belly is full right now, though, and it's time for bed.  If I can sleep...