Added in Social Login


I'm trying a new add on from the marketplace called Social Login that allows logging in with Twitter, Facebook and Google.  It actually supports more than that, I only wanted to enable a few.  I'm also going to put registered users into groups and some posts are now going to be restricted to only some groups for access.  Continue reading to learn more and find out how to request group access.

The add on is called Social Login and it looks to be pretty nice.  There are two included views, one with text links and the other with large icons.  I made my own view with my own icons and merged it into the header. Adding new authetication libraries was relatively painless, simply a matter of following instructions to set up accounts and get application ids and secrets, then the authorization simply worked.

Then I modified the header to also have a link once you are logged in to a new page "Request Group Access" where there is a form that you can fill out.  It allows you to simply check some boxes and enter your username, plus any comments you might have about why you should be included in the particular group.

Right now these are the groups that I've created:

  • Acquaintances
  • Addicts
  • Coders
  • Crazy People
  • Cyclists
  • Family
  • Friends
  • HutGuys
  • Lovers
  • Nobody

I might add more, I have the feeling mostly what I'll be doing is making posts that are only really relevant for me and sharing them with 'Nobody' but other posts could go into any one of these categories.  I'm hoping by limiting who can see what I post I'll be more likely to post stuff because I won't be as concerned about it being a finished and complete post with all sorts of detail.  I'd like to start posting stuff that's more intimate and personal but I also don't want these posts just out there for just anyone to read.  There aren't a lot of people reading this blog but still.

I think probably the way I'm going to do this is with block permissions, so that the page itself will be public but the only content visible for guests and people not in the group will be a blurb saying something like "Content available to Group only.  To request group membership, log in and fill out the group request form."  This is pretty easy to do with block permissions and keeps the pages as viable links when the blog auto-publishes to facebook and twitter. I may even do two different versions of the page with additional content for different groups as well.

The bulk of the content on this site will probably still be freely available, I don't see myself limiting anything as far as code knowledge to a particular group, though I might post stories about working in the industry to only the coders circle of people, just to make them feel special and appreciated and get them coming back for more content updates.  That's kind of the idea anyway, trying to make the content that I stream out more personalized to the people that need it, and trying to keep my more depressing posts from showing up in the public feed as much.

So anyway, to sign in and create an account just use the social buttons in the very top right corner of the page.

If you'd like to use more than one account to sign in, sign in then go to the home page.  On the home page in the bottom left corner there is another Social Login block, this one will show you links to associate your log in with the different services.  Click the links to get authorized, then you can log in with any one of the three different oath providers.

This is kind of an experiment, but everything about this site is an experiment.  I think it's a logical progression, given the fact that I actually have the tools to do it.  It's really not hard to publish content like this, I just don't know if anyone will actually register and request access.  It's maybe kind of a stretch, maybe it's not.  I'd appreciate comments on people's thoughts about the changes.