Apparently I suck at riding the bus


I wimped out and took the bus into work today.  It's cold to wait outside for a bus to come along and pick you up.

I just don't do all that well at riding the bus, I guess.  My phone is off for time by several minutes so I always overcompensate and leave early to get to places by a certain time, this morning and tonight were no different.  I'm kind of paranoid about missing the bus if I've decided to take it, too, so I really didn't want to cut things close and roll up only to see the bus pulling away from the stop before I got there.  That's happened to me before and it kind of sucks, so I try to avoid it.

But then you end up sitting outside in the cold waiting for the bus and I almost think that's a little worse than riding in the cold.  It was the wind that really did me in today and last night, I tried riding in it and with the studs and all my winter gear on it just felt like I was pedaling a bicycle made out of lead.  No fun at all, so I decided to take the bus out to work this morning instead of riding.  Robert has offered to pay for my bus pass if I end up needing to get one since we're staying out in Golden Valley.  If the weather stays in the low double digits like it has been with a lot of wind I might look into getting a bus pass again.

The bus commute isn't that bad compared to the bike.  There are a lot of differences.  The amount of stopping takes a lot of getting used to, I feel like I'm making no progress towards my destination at all when I'm on the bus.  All I want to do is get off and hop on my bike and start riding.  That was exasperated today by the fact that I forgot to bring anything to read.  I have a stack of zines I keep meaning to read that I could have taken with me but I forgot them so I was stuck with nothing but my phone for entertainment on the bus, and I have trouble focusing on my phone for reading while on a bus.  I've done it but I kind of prefer not to, maybe I should get some games for my phone and play something while I ride.

Time-wise it's about the same amount of time to ride or to bus, except for on days like today where the wind would have me slogging away at 12 miles per hour.  In the summer I'm pretty sure I beat the bus on the road bike, counting for time waiting at the stops on either side it's about the same.  I've actually taken the bus a couple times in the summer when it was just too hot and muggy to want to ride all the way into work.  The bus stops are pretty close by, I have to ride about a mile to the pick up and then the drop off is about 6 blocks from work.  The pick up coming back from work is 2 blocks away but the drop off is still a mile away from my house.  I think I could actually get it down to a third of a mile for the ride back but that would mean transferring buses and there's no way I'm going to do that if I can avoid it. 

I like the fact that they have bike racks on all the buses, I've only a couple of times even had one other bicycle on the rack with me.  It makes it pretty easy to do the whole multi-modal thing.

Work today was OK, more working away on the theme with the funky drop downs.  It's coming along nicely but not as quickly as I would like.  I did the blog view and the gallery view today. 

For the blog they really needed a filter by category sidebar list of links and then a short and a long version of the post.  It didn't really fit well with any of the blog packages in the marketplace that I know of, and I didn't feel like setting up something in composer.  I ended up modifying Hutman News a little bit and renaming the dashboard pages and calling it good.  It allows for everything that they need and matches the photoshop docs pretty close to the pixel so I'm OK with using a news package to create blog posts.  About the only thing I don't like is the fact that I have never figured out how to do the WSIWYG editors in Hutman News use the full tinymce editor with the top edit bar that allows for inserting of images and page links.  I might have to see what I can do about that, I should be able to go to two attributes and show the attribute forms in the edit tools file. 

For the gallery they have a pretty custom request.  They want a single thumbnail image with a title, then you click on it and you get a Fancybox overlay with prev/next links to navigate through the images of the gallery.  There will be multiple galleries on the page each with their own set of images, and popup video blocks mixed in that have to match the style of the gallery thumbnails and titles.  It was pretty simple to set this up, I took the Galleria Image Gallery block and ripped the view completely out and started over. I've done this a lot with this block, I really like the code for the block controls but the actual gallery itself almost never matches what our client requires.  There are a lot of things I don't like about the view anyway, like the fact that the thumbnails are full res images re-sized to fit.  Anyway, for this one I actually didn't even bother to take the time to add in the javascript for fancybox in the block, I added that in the theme.  Then in the view I take the first image in the images array and output a thumbnail image based on that.  That becomes the first link in the lightbox group.  After that image I output a loop of the rest of the images and output blank link tags with the url to the resized image at max width max height from the block settings.  Those become the rest of the images in the lightbox. 

The only thing that didn't really work was incorporating the Fancybox lightbox in the gallery with the jQuery Tools Overlay dialog from the popup video block.  The popup video block is pretty custom in order to work properly - the flowplayer div is shared amongst all instances of the block on the page and re-sized on the fly and the single flowplayer instance is set to play a different video as needed and then unloaded to stop playing when the div is hidden.  The vimeo and youtube instances are all unique html divs with their players in their own overlay div.  They're all appended to the end of the body off the page and then called into position as needed by the block.  The content for each one of these divs is deleted, and then called in via ajax before the video is shown, then when the overlay is closed the content is removed from the div again to keep it from playing.  Not exactly behaviour that I want to try and recreate with fancy box to have consistent dialogs.

Thankfully we're actually using the buttons from an older version of fancybox for Popup Video even though the dialog is actually the jQuery Tools Overlay.  So theming the two to look like each other wasn't an issue.  What was an issue was the fact that you could have a popup video open on the page and still click on other links on the page, opening up the fancybox overlay for instance.  This simply wouldn't do.  Thankfully it turns out that you can incorporate Expose with Overlay and turn it into a modal overlay.  This is exactly what I needed.  Now you can't really tell the difference between the two popups unless you are looking very closely.  I need to get them to both have the same background tint for the overlay but that's it. 

Tomorrow I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done on it either.  We're having a bit of a Hut Confab probably in the afternoon, those are our kind of all company meetings where we go over everything that we have going on in the shop.  I have to show up late for work, too, because we're also doing our employee holiday party at 8 at some restaurant I've never heard of.  Robert's going to run home and pick up his car with a bike rack on it then come back and pick me and my bike up and then shuttle me either home or to the Bicycle Theory holiday party if I'm that motivated after dinner.  I have the feeling I'm just going to want to head home though, I have a bunch of work to do on the Occupy site that I need to get started on and I have a pretty big weekend coming up. 

Portions of this post only for people in the lovers group.

In other news I actually have not one but two dates this weekend.  I was really surprised when these ladies actually contacted me through my profile on OK Cupid, I had just about had it with the platform and given up on it.  I guess it's a good thing that I hadn't deleted my profile and replaced it with a scathing review of everything I think is wrong with the whole online dating world.  I thought about doing that, actually, I know pretty much exactly what I would have written too.  But now it's a moot point because my points have been proven invalid.  I'm excited to meet both of them.  One girl has a pretty closed profile without a lot of information or public questions so I'm a little unsure how that one is going to go.  The other one has a much more open profile with a lot of public questions with qualifiers and extra notes on the questions so you understand exactly what she meant by that choice and why.  I'm feeling really positive about meeting with her, from everything I can tell we'll have a fair amount of things in common and have a lot of the same core beliefs in how the world should actually be.  I'm honestly a lot more nervous to meet her than the other woman even though there's a lot of potential that we'll click.  Maybe that's why I'm nervous, because there is so much potential there...  From the little bit that I've seen so far from the emails we've exchanged she seems really intelligent and self-assured, two things I find incredibly sexy. 

And crap, I was so into her that I realized that I overbooked on Sunday, I thought the first girl was on Saturday and the second was on Sunday.  I totally suck at this polyamorous thing.  Although I was thinking about it - about half of my relationships have actually been open relationships, or the person was simply dating someone else at the time.  Pretty much everyone that I've actually been serious about and has had a big impact on my life have been women who were dating other people.  That's something that worries me a little bit about the second girl - she's not interested in an open relationship at all.  I'm not sure that I really need an open relationship though.  In the relationships it's always been the girl who was the one seeing multiple people, I've always just found someone that I was into and taken what I could get, the idea of someone actually being committed to me in a monogamous relationship is pretty foreign to me.  I'm not sure if I'd be able to believe it, if I'd ever really trust her.  She also wants kids, which I really don't.  But even that my little sister actually did make a good case for raising a single kid and raising them to be sustainably minded, it made sense.  I don't know if I could actually handle being a parent though, I hate it when people look to me for answers, or for the 'right' way to do something.  It seems like that's pretty much all there is to raising a kid.  I don't think that I could do that.

Great, so now I'm looking at maybe only having one date this weekend and having to choose which girl I see, I already emailed the first one to see if she can meet a little later.  Hopefully she can and doesn't get mad at me for accidentally over scheduling.  If she is going to get mad, maybe it wasn't meant to be, because I'm pretty bad at scheduling things. I always get stuff wrong or forget to put it on the calendar.  I really suck that way, I always have.  I've gotten a lot better at it over the years, I'm actually surprised that I realized the conflict this early and am trying to correct it, that's good.  I'm learning.  I was going to make sure they were both on the calendar to be certain I wasn't doing it wrong.

I guess it will work out, it's my own fault too.  I just suck at dating and probably shouldn't do it. 

Still, even just having two girls contact me saying they liked my profile does a world of good for my self image.  I've been going through a lot of self-loathing lately due in large part to feeling like nobody out there is ever going to be able to see me as attractive and desirable.  That's because it seems like every girl that I've tried to initiate any kind of contact with has been met with indifference at best.  It's like I just don't have any of the right qualities to appeal to a normal, every day American girl.  The women that I'm looking for are so rare and exceptional that it seems sometimes like there's no chance of ever finding them.  And even when I find them they usually have better things to do than spend time with me, it's even rarer to find someone who actually finds me appealing.  Both of these women had nice things to say about some qualities in my profile, and that meant a lot.