Did I really stay out until 3:30am last night?


Yesterday was pretty long and kind of fun.  Here's what happened.

I woke up yesterday to a nightmare about the police state, I was panhandling downtown and someone stole my bike and I was trying to report it to the police and they were not letting me because I had an Occupy key chain on my identification and my ID apparently didn't match up with the guidelines for size somehow so they were going to arrest me.  I tried to fight with the lady giving me all the grief to get my ID back and while that was happening they confiscated my guitar.  They wouldn't let me file a complaint or anything.  They let me leave but when I went to get google transit directions my phone wasn't using an english keyboard anymore and I couldn't figure out how to get home.  It really sucked.

After getting up I headed to the donut cooperative for some donuts and a brownie.  Ran into a friend's ex wife there, she recognized me and introduced herself as his ex wife but didn't actually give me her name.  It reminded me of when I was dating someone who worked in the same building when it was the Cliquot Club and who also brought their kid with them to work.  I used to really like heading over there for breakfast and to see them and spend a few hours just doing nothing but being there with her.  Really I miss just having someone to go see that gets me out of the house.

Work was pretty OK.  Some concrete 5 work in the morning and then I moved onto the mobile yii application.  I think that I got the image resizer working but not completely.  It streams the file contents back to the browser after creating the resized image and that part wasn't working.  It said that the image could not be displayed because it contained errors but when I open up a link directly to the image in the browser it works.  I wasn't able to figure it out, I would have asked Robert for some help but he only did a half day yesterday so I couldn't.  So I wasn't able to fill out the full day's worth of work but worked most of it.

Once work was done I headed over to Ghandi Majal to pick up some take out for dinner, I'd decided to go to the Occupy party after all and there wasn't going to be any food there.  After dinner and watching a little bit of the last special for Cracker I headed out way into NE Minneapolis to get to the party.  I ended up being about an hour late but that was OK, there was only one other person there.  We chatted for awhile and I drank some chai, then one more person showed up maybe an hour later and then two more people probably another hour and a half later.  So it was really OK for me to be a little late.  I got invited to a camping trip at the end of July that I might end up going to, they have a big group site and it sounds like they are trying to get a bunch of people.

I ended up drinking two beers just because I felt like having a couple of beers and didn't think anything bad would happen if I did.  As it was getting close to midnight one of the women from the Neighborhood Democracy Project got a call that there was going to be a midnight showing of Prometheus at St. Anthony Main where she worked after they closed.  The host had ended up not feeling all that well and going to lie down for a bit so the rest of us didn't feel to bad about heading out from the party to see the movie.  It had been quite awhile since I saw a movie with anyone and I wasn't really feeling tired so I decided to head out too.  Since I was on bike and everyone else was in a car I was worried about not making it in time to get in because the theater was going to be locked but I had people's numbers so I could text when I got there.  My timing ended up being pretty good, I got there right as the guy I was going to text came out for a last cigarette before the show so I was able to get in just fine.

I ended up losing my GPS unit in the theater, as I was leaving I noticed that my glasses and headphones had fallen out of my helmet but I thought that my GPS was in my pannier so I didn't look for it.  Oops.  I went back to look for it today but the show was already playing again and people were sitting in the area it probably would have been in so I couldn't really look for it.  I asked my friend from Occupy to keep an eye out for it and she just facebook messaged me that she found it so I am pretty happy about that.

After the movie was over people stood around on the sidewalk outside for a bit and I hung out too, there was someone offering cheap beer in a can out of their bag who had brought it to go to the party we were at earlier but then they went to the show instead and didn't really have much to share and then didn't want to carry all the extra beer home.  I ended up drinking a Miller Highlife or something like that and staying around to talk. A lot of people really hated the movie but I actually didn't think it was that bad.  I agreed with a lot of why they hated it but I also didn't know that it was part of the Aliens mythology so I didn't have any preconceptions about what the movie was going to be.  I'm kind of looking forward to the next movie to see what they do with it, I wonder how long it will be until they do the next sequel?

By the time I got home it was about 3:30 in the morning which is way later than I usually stay out.  Seems like most of the time I'm turning into a pumpkin by midnight or so.  It was nice to actually be out with people that seemed like they wanted to be around me and valued what I had to say.  I don't get that feeling from most of the people I know in the bike scene any more, seems to be one reason I don't get out and don't do much.  It was also nice relating to the people from Occupy as actual people instead of just people that I'm working on a big project with.  I haven't really connected with them much about anything other than the project, it's usually just what's going on with the project that we talk about. 

All in all it was a pretty good day.  Hopefully there are more like it in the future.  I ended up sleeping in until about 12:30 and then rushing over to St. Anthony Main to check on the GPS.  Since that didn't work and I really needed some food I next went in search of an ATM and then headed over to the Wienery for a Land Phil which was OK but not spectacular.  Then came home and made up a batch of chai so that I could have some extra after Icarus Project.  I'll probably end up taking a bottle of chai and a six pack of beer out to the Northern Spark festival tonight after Icarus.  There's an art installation thing called Kuramoto Model (1000 Fireflies) where they are giving away 1000 custom made bike lights that will all blink in unison.  I hope they can actually get 1000 people to participate in the ride, that would be pretty awesome.  But there are only 73 people RSVPd on facebook so I doubt they will get that many.  If nothing else it's a chance for another bicycle light for free.  They were also giving away 1000 free bicycle helmets at the Mill City Farmer's Market this morning but the giveaway started at 8am and I didn't think that there would be any left by the time that I was riding by to go to St. Anthony main.  I did just buy a new helmet a few weeks ago right before the Carver Park camping trip but it's not very comfortable and I think it causes headaches.  The headaches could be caused by the fact that I'm not very good about drinking water while I'm riding but I more think that it's from the design of the helmet, they are always in the same spot above my right eye after about half an hour of riding.

And that was really about it since my last post.