Didn't get much done today


I got my laptop almost totally set up for development but not much else.

I really tried to get stuff done today but all I really got done was work on my laptop.  Which is good, I really needed to get that done.  It took quite a bit of time and I didn't get quite everything working.  I think skype is the main thing that isn't working. I also wasn't able to get the screenshot plugin for compiz working because holding down the super button brings up a list of shortcuts for Ubuntu 12.04 so I couldn't use it for setting the screenshot activation which normally I do with super+button 1 of the mousepad. I tried assigning it to other buttons like ctrl or alt but none of those would actually activate the plugin.

I feel bad for not doing pretty much anything else, I needed to at least make it to the grocery store to do some shopping but I didn't get motivated to even leave the house at all today.  I didn't get any cleaning done, I barely even cooked anything I just reheated old food which hopefully was enough to fill out my calorie needs for the day. I don't think it probably was enough but that's nothing new. I haven't really been eating enough lately.

I ended up watching through the rest of Touch which wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting it to be.  I might actually watch the second season. I also watched an episode of Through The Wormhole about the search for god.  Not much that I hadn't already learned about before.  Hopefully the rest of this show is more interesting.  Then I watched a couple episodes of Time Team.  So really a pretty boring day just sitting on the couch with a laptop installing software and watching shows on the desktop.

Hopefully I get more motivated to actually leave the house tomorrow.  It's not that I was depressed or anything, I just didn't feel like doing anything at all. 

I'm not sure how much actual work that I'm going to do on my laptop now that it's ready for action.  Maybe I'll start doing some work at coffee shops sometimes instead of working from home, that could be fun and a way to get out of the house.  Not sure if I really feel like paying for sub-standard chai at coffee shops just so I can be outside of the house though.  Still that's one of the reasons I actually bought the laptop, I wanted to have something that was fast enough that I could actually use it for programming when I'm not tied to the desktop in my living room or the computer at work.  I have the feeling though that I won't get nearly enough work hours out of it to actually justify the expense unless I do something like start travelling a lot and need to work some of the days while I'm on vacation somewhere or something. Since I don't ever really go anywhere on vacation that's not very likely to happen either.  So really I don't know why I spent the money on it.  Half of it was wanting the ability to play blu ray disks but I can't do that yet without a functioning Windows install.

So I think tomorrow I'll probably try to get out to Microcenter but probably won't make it to REI. That's OK.  I have to set smaller goals for myself I think.  That's probably the key to my being happy.  Setting goals for myself that I can actually achieve rather than ones where I have to completely change the world in order to feel like I've accomplished something.  Or where I have to completely change myself to feel like I'm making progress.  That's going to be hard to do I think, I'm far too much of a perfectionist and I have way too big of goals.  Especially when I look at things like the Neighborhood Democracy Project where I had such high hopes for the website that I made and it's still getting only a couple of hits a day and nobody publishing content.  Just goes to show that no matter how good my idea is for how a website can work and function if it's user content generated the death of it will always be not having enough people participating and using it.  I'm not sure what I could have done any differently to make the site easier for people to use and publish content.  I was expecting to see at least spammers signing up but since it's a totally unknown system and no actual traffic on the site there isn't even that.  I'm hoping that we can get more people involved but it seems like really slow going.

I'm not sure what my next major project outside of work will actually be.  I feel like there's not much more that I can do on the NDP site until it's actually getting used by people and any bugs start to show up.  So probably what I will work on is stuff for the concrete 5 marketplace to try and start making more money.  It does seem like over the course of the summer I'll be doing a lot better money wise especially if I stay away from the weed and don't really start drinking all that much or at all.  I remember awhile back I got about 3/4 of the way through a photo tagging add on that gave you flickr style windows to add to an image on a c5 site. That might be a good one to actually finish, I think some of the problems that I ran into when I was working on it 6 or 8 months ago wouldn't be as big of hurdles with the knowledge that I have now. The idea I have on making a page list google map block is probably also another good one that could make a lot of money in the marketplace and they wanted this functionality on the NDP site.  I don't want to develop it just for the NDP site especially if not many people are going to use the site but for the marketplace it could be a really good thing.

I like that I'm still getting better even if it isn't as fast as I'd like it to be.  When I said my goodbyes to our developer on Friday I mentioned how I was trying to read through a book on object oriented PHP to try and become a better developer and he suggested that maybe I should think about heading back to school.  I'm pretty sure that Robert would be flexible and help me out if I did decide to do this so it's not like it's not an option.  I'm just not really sure how I would do with organized learning again after so long of being self taught in everything.  I probably wouldn't do that well at it.

I didn't spend much time on facebook today.  After setting most people to 'acquaintance' my stream of news and posts has gotten really thin which was kind of to be expected.  I'll probably continue to spend less time on there in the future which is probably a good thing.  I don't know if I'll really replace it with any other social interaction, probably not.  I'm happy that my blog is getting less hits lately too, I always wonder why people are reading this stuff when it really doesn't matter to anyone other than me.  I did have someone find the blog today by searching for my name which always makes me curious - who was this and why were they curious about me?  What could be so interesting that it was worth bringing up a google search window and trying to find information about me?  I'm really a pretty boring person when you get right down to it.