Gearing up for the web challenge


I'm getting ready for the @the_nerdery #WebChallenge next weekend, I'm competing with the concrete5 mn team.  Every year they do a 24 hour challenge where teams of 10 web professionals take a non-profit through the entire website process.  We go from concept to finished design in 24 hours.

Well, actually, it's more like 30 hours.  Keep reading to see how the time breaks down.  I'm currently seeking bottles to take chai in - I'm going to have to brew up a ton to make it through that long of a time stretch.  I'm sure they'll have coffee and red bull, but my stomach would never be able to handle those.

This is how our day looks like it's going to go.  Everything is kind of tentative, really - we have no idea who we are getting until the minute we start coding, so we don't know exactly what their needs will be.

We've decided to go with Git for our code base, and set up a repository on Git Hub for our code base.  I've been using Bazaar at work for our versioning, and like it a lot. I even went as far as to create a dashboard page for concrete 5 where you can check in new files you've uploaded via ftp, so that our clients without command line skills can keep us updated of changes.  They hit a button, it commits the changes to the repository and emails our developers team email letting us know that there was a change.  Pretty slick, actually.

Unfortunately, I was the only one that knows it, and everyone else already knew git, or was simply wanting it instead of subversion.  Which makes sense.  I don't know git at all, but last night I was chatting with Curt and he helped walk me through checking out the repository, then adding in c5 and push the changes to the git hub account

We actually have a ton of add-ons donated from the community, it's pretty awesome.   All said, there are 41 add-ons giving us a headstart on development.  Obviously, we won't need all of them, but it goes to show how awesome the community is around C5.

  • Advertisement
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Contact Directory
  • Contest
  • Core Commerce
  • Core Commerce Downloadable File
  • Dealer Locator
  • Deluxe Image Gallery
  • Discussion
  • Document Library
  • Domain Mapper
  • Eantics Biographies
  • Eantics Realtime Twitter Updates
  • Eantics XML Transformation
  • Easybutton
  • Flash Gallery
  • Flickr
  • Gallery
  • Image Slider
  • Login Attribute Redirect
  • Message of the Day
  • Problog
  • Proevents
  • Pronews
  • Quick Links
  • Randomizer
  • Reviews
  • Scott C DIY Navigation
  • ScottC Items Calendar
  • ScottC Page Mapper
  • Simple Forums
  • Superfish
  • Ticker
  • Tony File Details
  • Tony Image Search
  • Tony Link List
  • Tony Mailing List
  • Tony Popup
  • Tony RSS Feeds
  • Tony Stats

All said, it's $1945 in commercial add-ons for us to use.

We've been trying really hard to be prepared for the stuff that we know every non-profit will need.  And that means figuring out what each one of them needs.  I think we have a really good handle on this, we have identified a couple non-profits that would have us completely dead in the water, and others that would be really good fits.

I put together the following matrix trying to distill down what people were asking for on their profile pages on the Nerdery's Challenge Page.

This weekend's project is to try to get a very generic theme together combining the HTML 5 Boilerplate code with the Blueprint css framework, then installing the components we know we're going to use and making sure that everything looks ok on those pages.  I actually have a ton of freelance to do right now as well, but they didn't get me the files in time this weekend, so I'm going to be working on that particular project at a later date.  Kind of bummed about that. 

I've also almost finished this paid events add-on that utilizes the Items Calendar with eCommerce to allow pre-registration tools for events.  I need to get that into package format so that it is a little easier to work with, then customize it's pages to fit with the generic theme.


So much to do, and all I really want to do is curl up and watch cartoons.  At least there's only one more week of this, then we'll be done.