Getting Attributes Slider ready for the marketplace


My new block is almost ready to release, I've been working on custom templates for different layouts - check out some screenshots and let me know what you think.

We've been using Attributes Slider with success on several sites so far at work but I haven't had any templates ready to go for the marketplace.  S sent me a few designs to work from and I put together a couple more of my own.  I still want to do probably 3-4 more, I need a couple with serif fonts too and want to do a couple more views with 3up images.  I also want to try and do a couple 1 up sidebar style buttons and maybe add pagination in on a few of the other views.  Hopefully I'll have those done tomorrow, I'm getting pretty good at doing the custom views.  I was hoping to get done with the Constructo theme as well but I don't think I'm going to get both done.  So I guess that moves some more of my stuff out a week or more.  I'm also going to have to do a small site for the lady that helped with my brother's birth, we're doing a trade where I'm getting bicycle repair work and maybe some parts from P in exchange.  My bikes are in dire need of a good overhaul and I could probably use a new rear derailleur on the Cannondale so it's worth it to me, especially since in order to make it equal I'll end up with bicycle repair probably at least through the summer.

Anyway, I really think that Attributes Slider is starting to come together.  I'm debating on making a lightboxed version just as a proof of concept to show other people how to do a lightbox as well.  Or maybe I'll wait on that until version 2.0 of the slider.  I think I'm going to keep adding themes as I go after the initial marketplace.  It's getting a lot closer and I've gotten a lot better at making the buttons than I was before.  If nothing else it was a learning experience there.  It's gotten a lot easier making the templates now that I've done 10-15 of them.  It really is pretty simple to make new themes with it, I think that designers are really going to love working with this add on because it's so flexible with what you can do. 

There are far too many configuration options though, so you almost have to do all the config in the javascript in the theme and not try to build an interface for writing configurations.  They actually have a configuration robot that you can use to set everything up, it's pretty complicated to set everything up.  And then for some stuff like centering the carousel inside of the parent div you need to use some callback functions.  I think it's better to leave it in the designer's hands to set up the carousel, it seems like each slider needs a little bit different configuration.

Anyway, here are some screen shots.