Guess I'll have more time


I thought the next few months were going to be really busy. I was going to volunteer with CURA:Tech, but after the last few weeks with concrete5 made me decide not to develop anything new until well after 5.7 is stable.


It's probably best if I don't go into much detail, but there have been a lot of rumblings in the back rooms about concrete5. Several threads in the leaders' forum, a lot of discussion in the IRC... A lot of, um...

Trepidation. That seems like the best word for it.

There are a lot of ecosystem changes coming up. And a lot of them are good, some are possibly not so good. The marketplace is changing, a new direction for spreading usuage and getting more people using it, and no upgrade path from 5.6.3.* to 5.7.*.

You heard that right. No upgrade.

People will be able to migrate manually, and there will probably be some sort of basic tool to get pages, users, files, etc. But probably not a lot of the details, like custom blocks, addons, maybe your theme... 

And that's the big problem for me. It's not really much of an issue thinking long term. The code changes are good, the new GUI looks like it should be pretty functional in a few revisions. The ecosystem for the marketplace and developers might even work out better in the long run. It could be kind of like a whole new, wide open playing field for 5.7 ready addons. And a higher scrutiny for the 'whitelisted' ones for the locked down installations. So not really worried there.

But I couldn't in good conscience use c5 to do anything that's designed to be a long term thing to help people around the world. If I were to use the 5.6 branch, the whole thing could need to be overhauled in a couple years when the LTS of that branch is done. But 5.7 isn't stable enough and I'm not knowledgeable about the new system to start developing with it, either. 

I hadn't really found any groups to work with, either, and didn't really have a project of my own to do. So it's not that big of a deal.

Still... Kind of bummed. 

I was really looking forward to participating. Things like this can not only help people out, but they're also great for networking and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. The tech that you make is often applicable to a ton of other uses. It may not make money like taking a freelance project does, but in my mind, it's far more important to do things like this.

I know it's the right thing to do, but wish there was another option.

UPDATE 2018.03.03

I actually finally used the exporter tool and imported all my content into a version 8.3.2 site running with a composer install. It took a lot of manual massaging of the XML and firing up my old site in an Ubuntu 14.04 VM in order to upgrade to a version new enough to use the exporter tool. All said probably 12 hours of working on it. Seems like most of the content came over OK, even the images. Weird to look at my site in the Elemental Theme, it's so sparce and barren.