I added in a mobile theme


It's not really that good, just the theme that came with the mobile theme switcher with a few slight modifications.  I had to hard code the navigation because I didn't want the projects to be visible on mobile, it seemed like it would be pretty difficult to make a view for Attributes Slider that worked on mobile and all of the blocks are already manually set to a custom template so I couldn't do area overrides.  Images are set so they have 'max-width' set now but the image block also sets their height to an exact pixel dimension so they appear a little scrunched instead of scaled properly.  But for the most part everything seems to work and look OK, it's probably a lot easier to read the blog now.  I also had to drop out the sidebar content, seemed like loading this stuff on every page load was probably stupid on mobile and for some reason the package element that contains all the sidebar stuff was causing the edit toolbar to not show up.  Anyway, I hope people who visit the site on mobile have a better experience now.