I don't really feel like blogging


I'm not sure why, but the desire to keep posting daily updates has pretty much gone away.

There's been a ton of stuff going on lately, but I haven't been very good at capturing it and recording it. I just haven't had the time to dedicate to writing it down.  Or maybe it's more that I go out and do things and then the next day I don't feel like recording it, because I've been out too late to write when I get home.  And even when I have been home I haven't felt like recording anything, because those days just seem so unimportant by comparison.

Things have mostly been good, it's really slow at work right now so I haven't been doing much there.  I've been getting out more often for more social things, meeting with friends and doing things and riding bikes and trying to have fun.  I don't always succeed but for the most part I enjoy myself.  Probably drinking more than I should be, trying to work on that.  But I do really like the more social interaction, seeing people and not just spending all the time alone that I usually do.

Yesterday on my road bike for the first time in several months.  The tires were completely flat when I took the bike off the rack and got it ready to head out.  There are several friends of mine who have been doing an morning ride pretty early several times a week that seemed like it could be fun.  I've been having trouble sleeping lately and often waking up at 5:30 or 6am but not doing anything, I just lie there and wait until it's time to get ready for work and then head to work.  I set my alarm for 5:45 to go on the first ride but didn't get my stuff together in time, I ended up hitting the meet point 7 minutes after the ride left.  I hung around for a bit and ate a power bar then went and rode the Hopkins Loop by myself, ended up with 20 miles before my commute that morning. I'm going to try to get out on more of these rides in the future, I'm a little worried that they might be too early for me but then again I've been trying to get myself motivated and awake during the morning and not really succeeding.  Having people to ride with and something to do means it is much more likely that I'll actually get up.

I was pretty happy that when I was on the road bike without a bag I was way faster than I usually am on the hybrid with the pannier.  Instead of cruising at 14mph I was holding 17-20mph pretty easily.  That made me feel like maybe I could still ride with some of the people I have in the past.  Then again I also went to a birthday party later that night and when everyone was heading down from a restaurant in uptown to a park by the river they were cruising pretty fast and I was having a bit of trouble keeping up for some stretches.  I mean, I still could go fast enough but unless I had a wheel to hang on I was really working.

My GPS has given up the ghost, first it didn't charge for two days and then it charged up but when I turned it on to track the rides yesterday it kept shutting off while I rode.  That was a pretty big bummer.  I'm going to have to find something else to keep track of the miles.

But really not a lot more going on, just been working and riding and hanging out with people.  Trying to balance everything and stay on top of it.  Getting a little paranoid about posting stuff for some reason, wondering why I bother posting and what my motivations are, what other people's motivations are when they read it.  Half tempted to just delete everything again but probably not going to do that.  Just not going to be posting much for awhile, it just seems like too much effort.