I feel like it's time for an upgrade on this site


I started out on this website building it to be a portfolio, yet never got around to building anything for the actual portfolio.  Now I'm thinking it's time to redo the design and content on the site and I"m not entirely sure how to go about doing that.

The problem is that so much of this site is customized, and I've been running on beta versions of the back end for most of the time I've had this concrete 5 site so just upgrading isn't going to be easy.  The biggest thing is the fact that the theme now uses a custom theme framework that relies on a secondary package to load in all the content markup, then puts the styles in another theme.  I think it should be possible to just make new page types in a new theme and lose the framework but I might lose some content doing that. 

I'm also not really sure what I even want the site to look and feel like, either.  I want to do a mobile version as well, so I'm going to need to find a theme that has good design plus will work to create a mobile theme. 

Deciding how to lay out the portfolio is another thing I have to figure out, I almost feel like maybe I should just figure that out and keep with the same design.  It's only been a couple of years, I don't think the design feels _too_ dated.

Overall I just want things to work and function a little nicer around this site so that I'll be more likely to actually come to the site and make updates.  Seems like I keep thinking of things to blog about then never actually writing about them.  I do want the portfolio fleshed out so maybe I can start getting some more freelance work.  It's been kind of a bummer the last couple of months, I keep hearing from people that want to work with me but then they all need me during the week.  I already work 40 hours a week at Hutman, so that doesn't really work.  I can do a lot of work on the weekends but nobody wants that. 

At any rate, there will probably be some updates to this site soon.  Seems like it's long overdue.