I made a lot of chai today


There's an event for Occupy MN tomorrow that has breakfast and lunch and I volunteered to bring chai.  I hope I made enough for everyone.

Last week there was supposed to be a protest bike ride, 99 laps for the 99 percent or something like that.  It was a short route they wanted people to ride around the downtown core, it sounded fun, I went down there after work.  Unfortunately I didn't really see anyone still riding (at this point they would have been doing it for four or five hours I think) so I went down to the plaza and asked.  Nobody there had heard about it either.  I stood around and talked to a few people and ate some pizza and then they had their nightly meeting so I listened in on that.  It struck me how many of the people invited up to speak were women, I think there was only 1 guy asked to speak.  One of the ladies was Malia Burkhart who was organizing an Empowerment Training Day with a breakfast and lunch fundraiser.  This sounded like a good idea so I emailed her and replied that I could donate some chai tea for people to drink and she took me up on it, so I brewed up a ton of chai tonight:


5 bottles of chai tea

I hope it's enough for everyone, there are 60 people RSVPd. 

Other than that, today was pretty uneventful.  I spent most of it thinking about how I really should be blogging more, and I guess to do that I really have to just sit down and DO it more often, so I'm going to try to do that.  I don't like how you see one side of me if you have a connection to my social stream but you have a completely different view if you're looking at my blog.  I'm not really sure why this is, I guess I worry about saying anything too controversial on this site for some reason, it seems like it has more importance if I say it here.

Still, I find myself reading and commenting on a lot of articles that say a lot of things that show me we are totally on the wrong track in this country right now and I feel like I should be doing more.  Chai tea is just somewhere to start, I'd like to do more.  I was watching this video today and I think it really does show some good stuff.  I have a lot of autonomy and mastery in my job, but I find myself without much purpose a lot of the time.  There are a couple projects that I'm working on that I like because they're bicycle related, but honestly the only thing I really want to do related to bicycles is bikelove.org and I want to do that with a grant and funding and a team of developers and designers.  But I still want to be doing things that make good and meaningful change happen, maybe I can find some of that in the occupy movement.  If nothing else the training tomorrow will be really good for working in leaderless groups which is something I'm really interested in.  I was never able to foster much of a spirit of collaboration with bikelove because I couldn't ever really communicate properly what I needed help with because I didn't know enough about all the pieces involved in setting up what I wanted to build.

Anyway, trying to find purpose and meaning to otherwise empty and lonely evenings is kind of on my mind right now.  I figure if nothing else blogging more and writing down the minutia of each day and what I see happening in the world will help me keep focused.

But yeah, pretty uneventful day.  I went to ride the bus for the first time this winter because I didn't want to futz around with snow but it turned out to be a non-issue on the roads I was on.  There was only one stretch with snow and ice, and that was pretty smooth so no worries.  Which is good, because I actually missed the bus.  My phone is about 8 minutes slow for the time and I have no idea how to reset it to a good time.  It stays that time no matter what.  It's just one more thing that has gone wrong with this buggy piece of shit Evo 4G.  It keeps flying up windows saying applications have crashed and must be force quit whenever you hit buttons.  For a smart phone, it is really crappy software.  I'm not really happy with it.  After so long without any real phone or plan it kind of annoys me to be paying so much for something that works so poorly. 

Work was really slow again.  I tried updating Hutman News to use the new dashboard styling in 5.5 but it's turning out to be impossible.  The styles for tables eat into the flexigrid styles and the layout for the table is completely broken.  I don't know how to get around this, the only way I can maybe see it working is to iframe it in on a tools file or something, I don't know if that would even work.  It seems like the styles from blueprint that apply to tables will eat into any grid component that you use, which in my mind really limits the flexibility and function of dashboard pages.  If you can never do anything more complex than an html table with click / reload / sort headers you are going to severely limit what kind of development you can do in concrete 5. 

I ate pretty much exactly the right amount of calories today but it really wasn't any food that made me happy or sastisfied.  Just the same old same old that I always eat.  I guess the spinach balls were kind of out of the ordinary, I think I'm going to make them more often. 

Anyway, time for me to get some sleep.