I managed to mop today, not much else


I meant to get a ride in or at least head to Microcenter but I didn't get a whole lot done.  My house is a lot cleaner and my computer is upgraded, that's about it.

I had weird dreams again, this time I was trying to expose something evil at a fracking installation that had been disguised to look like it was actually a park.  I'm not sure what was actually wrong as the whole place had been planted with vegetation and stocked with wildlife so that it was ecologically friendly.  I think it was just that - that there was something super bad happening behind the scenes but they had whitewashed it so that everyone thought that the fracking was actually good for the environment.  Since I knew the truth they were sending all sorts of guards after me and I had to steal an oil tanker to escape but I couldn't get it through the lock and dam at the end of the installation.  Not sure what caused it.

I slept in pretty late because of it, got up around 10:30.  There wasn't much to do so I started up a batch of laundry so I would have clean clothes for the week and dishes so that I would have a cleaner kitchen.  I turned to facebook to find out what was going on in town today thinking that maybe I would actually get out of the house and do something.  Someone suggested a cheese festival at the state fairgrounds and that sounded pretty interesting so I tried to get stuff ready and head over for that. 

Another friend suggested a class at the Smitten Kitten tonight, I'm not sure on what.  I was pretty negative in my response, not really meaning to but it just seemed like a total waste of my time to go and learn more about sex when I'm not having any.  I'm perfectly fine with the actual mechanics behind sex, I've even been told that some of the things I do as a lover are rare and exceptional.  It's everything else that I need help with - how to actually meet someone, how to figure out if they like me or not, that kind of stuff.  I ended up chatting with the friend for quite awhile after posting stuff up in the thread which was nice.  She has hope for me even if I don't have any hope.  Apparently I just need confidence.  I'm supremely confident.  I'm confident that any woman I like won't like me, most of the time they won't even reply to my messages.

While I was chatting with her I tried to upgrade from the Virtualbox Open Source Edition to the actual Oracle version because I'd heard that you needed the full version in order to have USB support.  But it turned out that I needed newer versions of a few packages that weren't available with Ubuntu 11.10 or whatever I had before so I had to upgrade to 12.04 before I could actually get it working.  The upgrade mostly worked, the text in NetBeans all went bold for the buttons and project lists.  I also had to re-install emerald theme manager from source because it didn't work at all. 

After everything was done though I finally had USB support for my Windows virtual machine so I could use my USB headset or my camera with it.  This means that I can actually take the online language classes that I signed up for from Live Mocha a few weeks ago.  That makes me pretty happy.  For quite awhile I've felt like one of the ways I'm lacking as a person is the fact that I've never learned any other languages, I'd like to learn Spanish and Japanese if I can.  I'm not sure if I actually can, it might be too much for my brain which is pretty well set into it's ways.  Still I plan on trying.

After that I headed out to the Wienery for some lunch / breakfast.  Then it was off to the grocery store and the coop to buy juice and cleaning supplies and a little food.  Came home and continued with cleaning my kitchen and bathroom, by that point it was getting too late to actually head over to the fairgrounds for the cheese festival. I went to change out the mop head on my mop with the new ones that I'd ordered off the internet and found out that I'd ordered the wrong kind. I needed roller mop refills and I'd ordered squeeze mop refills.  Oops. 

So I farted around on the internet for a little bit longer and watched a documentary about the Bilderberg group.  I'm still not sure if I think the group is a secret cabal running the world or just a bunch of super rich people who are plotting and scheming how to rule the world but not actually doing it.  It seems like it could even be nothing at all but the secrecy around the group really makes me wonder.

I headed out to Midori's for sushi for dinner after that, I haven't gone out for sushi very often lately because I'm trying to save money.  I really didn't do good on the saving money front today, I ended up spending over 40 dollars just for food.  That's really too much, I need to try and keep that down.  When I got home I was still hungry and re-heated some pizza that I'd ordered in earlier in the week so all my food today was restaurants.  At least most of my food expenses for lunch for the rest of the week are taken care of, actually for close to the next three weeks.  So that should save some money.  I ran into another friend of mine there, she was picking up sushi for her SO and we chatted for a minute.  I was the only person there eating by myself, I felt a little odd about that.  Accidentally ordered the wrong thing on the menu too, I meant to get Salmon but got marinated mackerel.  It was OK, typically I only stick with stuff that I know when I order sushi.

From there I swung back into Rainbow to pick up a squeeze mop so I could actually use the mop heads that I'd ordered.  I lashed the mop to my top tube with some inner tube, I had to lash it twice because the first time it was on the right side of my bike and it interfered with my front brake a bit.  When I got home I tried to change out the mop heads but the ones that I ordered didn't actually fit with the new mop that I'd just ordered.  That kind of bummed me out.  I still now had a mop with a functioning mop head even if it was kind of a crappy one so I finished mopping the kitchen and the bathroom.  Then I ordered in some more mopheads but this time I actually ordered the right ones.  So hopefully soon this problem will be rectified.

That was really about it for today.  Not really all that eventful and I didn't really hit any of the goals that I had for the day except for mopping my kitchen.  I guess I'll just have to be happy with that.  I meant to get a little programming done but the only computer related was upgrading my system and getting the full version of Virtualbox installed.  That made me pretty happy. 

Tomorrow it's back to work.  I think on the way home I'm going to actually swing by Microcenter like I planned to today so that I can get a copy of Windows 7 to install on the laptop and put some more miles in.  Then probably doing a bit of coding in the evening if I'm into it.  I'm not sure how the rest of the week is going to go, it will probably be pretty boring.  I don't have anything planned at all, not until this weekend and even then I don't have much planned.  Maybe going to an opening of a bike comics show over in St. Paul on Friday and then maybe playing croquet with some friends on Saturday. 

Given how bad I've been at actually getting out of the house and being social lately it's entirely possible that I won't get out, actually thinking about it now the croquet will overlap with the Icarus project which I ended up missing this weekend and which I'm not sure is going to be happening again after next weekend.  So I should probably go to Icarus instead to find out what, if anything is happening with the group.  I heard that it might be moving to Madame but I'm not sure if we need to come up with an actual budget for renting the space.  At the Minnehaha Free Space usually we didn't have to come up with much money for the space, I'm not sure if the people in the group can really come up with cash.  Most of them seem to be pretty poor, often living only on money from the government or part time jobs.  I think I'm probably the only person with a solid middle class job.  So that might be an issue.  The other place they were thinking of meeting was Boneshaker but I don't know what they found out about that.  I probably would know if I had of made it to group yesterday but I was too involved with setting up my laptop and just forgot that it was happening altogether.  I actually added it to my google calendar so now I'll get email reminders about it in the future.  Not sure why I hadn't done that yet.

So I guess that means I'll be looking for things to do again next weekend.  I'm sure by then I will have finished doing all the cleaning that I need to do on my house so that won't be able to take up any time.  I'll try to get a bike ride in but that won't fill up both days.  I'm sure I'll find something to keep me occupied, I just don't know what.