Keeping busy


I've been keeping busy lately, it seems like I'm getting a lot done.

First off, I actually signed up for the "Advanced Application Programming" class from concrete 5.  That was pretty enlightening.  I'm not sure how much I actually learned, but I think it was really good for our other programmer Nathan to see how the system is designed to work.  Some of the stuff about sorting and listing pages will come in really handy, I wish that we had of gotten a little more into how to work with the items list class when you don't have pages but your own objects.  I'll have to look more in depth at e commerce to see how it's done there, Andrew said that's probably the best example of how it's supposed to work.  That seems like it's going to be really key as I try to do more complicated stuff.  We also didn't go into the attribute system as much as I would have liked, but we were kind of running out of time by that point. 

All in all it was pretty nice, we had Andrew Embler on the other end of a conference call and a screen share through Adobe Connect for about three hours.  He went over all the stuff we were looking for from our email expressing interest in the class, so the subject matter was pretty customized for our shop.  That was really nice. 

Best part was that I'm in the "Pros and Leaders" programs, so it was 30% off for the training.  I actually paid for it all with money from stuff that I have for sale in the marketplace, then was re-imbursed by work after.  That made the idea of paying for training a little more bearable.

Otherwise, I'm trying to improve my cooking skills more and actually took a class on making sushi last weekend. I missed the ciclovia, but it was worth it I think.  I've been to bike parties, they're fun, but they don't really make a lasting impression on me.  Knowing how to make my own sushi on the other hand will come in handy a lot because I love eating sushi.  I'm a little worried that I'm not going to be able to make the rice properly, I might need to get a rice maker.  I have to head out and buy a knife, too.  I have the seaweed sheets and mat on order from Amazon - I tried to find them at United Noodle but just ended up totally lost.  At any rate, the class at Tanpopo was pretty nice.  It was only 5 people, and went for about 3 hours as well. 

Work's busy as well, which is nice.  I'm working right now at bringing in my steadiest freelance customer as a customer of Hutman, we're bidding on the first project now.  That's kind of nice.  Robert's implemented a profit sharing program for stuff like this, and it seems like this could turn into a pretty large customer.  I'm pretty happy about that.  As it is now I do some very basic cookie-cutter themes for them for a pretty low price, but they only take 2-3 hours to do.  I do maybe a couple of them a month.  I'd like to be able to bid on more complicated projects, but I simply don't have the time to do work on it after work or on the weekends.  If I bring it in to Hutman, suddenly we have 3 developers we can throw at the projects and there's a lot more we can do.  So it makes sense. 

On top of that I'm working on a super secret project for a bicycling related website that I'm really looking forward to working on.  The thing is though that I want to use the stuff that's in the beta of concrete 5 for it, but I also want them able to upgrade later on.  So I think it might be a little while, I don't know how many months away they are from releasing a version of c5 with composer in it.

I did try upgrading this site to use the git version of c5 and it was a no go.  The composer stuff doesn't get installed properly by the upgrade routine.  You can manually add the dashboard single pages after the fact but the screen for page types doesn't update properly. 

Never mind on that, I just looked at it again, and it seems like I do have it working, so I'll be upgrading this site to use the composer stuff for the blog and probably doing an overhaul of the rest of the site at the same time.  That should be a fun project.  I still need to get this site set up with a git repository, too.

That's another thing I've been learning, too - version control.  Getting better with it, but some of the stuff like setting up the initial repositories wasn't making sense.  I did make my first one successfully yesterday by following the instructions on setting up git as a website here.  Once the repo is set up and a push will update the web too, then I follow the instructions on a daily git workflow here most of the time unless I'm making a ton of quick little edits.  Often we have several bugs filed against a site with like 'fix css here' 'change _____ to _____ here" and it takes literally 5 minutes or less on the bugs, sometimes figuring out where to fix it and logging the time in the bug tracker takes longer than actually fixing it, actually, that's kind of often.  I don't do the whole branching and merging thing then, but I probably should. 

In other news I'm trying to figure out what to do for a road bike.  My Bottecchia had a rear derailleur explosion and it's not really back up to snuff.  I went out on a little 25 mile ride with a friend last night and I was hating it.  Especially on the hills the 9 speed tiagra derailleur that I've got on there was slipping off the cogs all the time.  It also makes a constant clicking noise like it's about off the cog.  The 9 speed stuff is supposed to be compatible with the 8 speed shifter and cassette, but I'm not really seeing it.  I think I need to simply get a new bicycle, that's actually cheaper than just buying a component set.  I don't really have the cash for that, though.  I guess I might have the cash for that if I could put half on a credit card and pay cash for the other half, but I'd have to be buying off the Internet because I couldn't afford the local bike shop prices on a fancy road bike. I'd be stuck with something from Bikes Direct, which does have some nice bikes.  Or there is this Lemoned carbon/steel bike that I could buy if I made a few payments on it that is really nice, but it has Campy 10 speed on it and I don't really like that all that much.  Still, that might be the best option.  I'm sure it would shave a few minutes of the commute every morning, but it might be a little _too_ fancy for me.

Yeah, and that's about it for what I've been doing.  At least, that's all the more I feel like typing about, my fingers are tired :)