Monday 5-28-2012


Today was pretty uneventful too.  Here's what happened.

I had weird dreams about Star Wars this morning, no idea why.  I ended up getting up at 9am on the dot.  There wasn't much to do when I got up so I surfed the internet a little bit and then decided to work on werstnet a bit and finally put in a mobile theme which I posted about earlier.  I did laundry including my sheets and made up the first batch of chai for the day but still didn't have much to do.  Cleaned the living room a bit, searched facebook for good content to read but there was next to nothing there.  And what was there I couldn't share because facebook kept not letting me post links for some reason.  So I don't even really have a record of what I did find interesting.

I probably didn't eat enough, all I had was a small breakfast burrito before I headed to the Occupy meeting.  We were going to meet after a larger meeting at Waite House but it turned out that they were closed for the day and only open for the main meeting.  Last night there were huge storms (I got soaked on the way to Icarus) and a lightning strike burned down Walker Church.  This church has been a meeting place for a lot of different radical groups including Occupy so the loss of it is pretty huge for the community.  I guess today's meeting was a lot of people mentioning what they needed for space and time and other people mentioning what they had for spaces.  So maybe there's some good coming out of it.  I missed that meeting though, I got there right at the end and we were asked to leave the building.  We decided to have our meeting at Second Moon coffee shop and headed there with some people from the main NDP group and a couple of other interested people.  It was pretty hot inside and there weren't many tables so we headed out and sat on the sidewalk and bench out front and had our meeting there.

I didn't really have much input on the meeting, and it seemed like we really talked more about what we want out of the project rather than what we are going to say exactly for tomorrow's meeting.  I hope that we're actually prepared.  I still don't know if I'm going to be able to get off from work in time to actually make it to the meeting which would really suck.  They want to demo the website as part of the meeting and I'd really want to be there in case there are questions about it.  I did take notes which I felt was important and published them for everyone in the group that couldn't make it.  One of the girls from the meeting gave me and some of the other people a hug as we broke up the meeting and everyone was leaving, it reminded me that back when I was a teenager I used to ask just about everyone for hugs, even people I didn't know.  Somehow I'm much more stand-offish now, I don't have physical contact with nearly anyone any more.

Last night at Icarus was pretty much the same way, I didn't have much to contribute to the meeting but I took good notes and then sent them to the listserv for everyone that couldn't make it.  There was a lot of talk about what to do for support outside of the meeting, emergency directives and phone trees and agreements between different people to call on each other when they need help.  I don't really see myself needing this except for the emergency directives, I don't feel like I'm in any danger of going 'crazy' again or anything, I never have any thoughts of self-harm.  I guess I could be there for other people but I'm really not good that way because I don't really form deep connections with anyone unless we're really good friends or lovers, there's nobody in the group that really falls into those criteria.  I know I probably should think more about having a support network but really my problems are pretty minor compared to some of the other people in the group.  So I guess that's a good thing, feeling like I'm mostly in control and likely to stay that way.

When I got home from the Occupy meeting I made up another batch of chai for tomorrow.  We're doing a potluck to try and get more people to show up so several of the organizers are getting together in the afternoon tomorrow to cook food.  I won't have the time for that but I can pre-make the chai, I have enough for four bottles so I can take one to work and bring three to the meeting if I can make it tomorrow.  After that I watched some South Park and then another episode of Cracker.  So nothing really exciting today.  The peeling on my hands seemed to get worse after riding to the meeting which worries me a little bit.  I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping it's unrelated to the new medication. 

Here's the bit of stuff that I did keep track of that I browsed on the web today:

Apparently 68% of women would give up sex for at least a month for a perfect body. I think this really shows that we put too much emphasis on what women look like.  I'm probably guilty of this myself, I'm not attracted to larger women at all.  I don't know why this is, I've wished that I could change but I don't see it changing.

I think I might have posted about this before but it's a nice article from NPR on the corruption of money in our political system.  More than 80% of the super PAC money has gone to pro-GOP groups and 80 percent of that money has come from just 100 people.  I don't think it can be any more clear that people are trying to buy and sell our system.  We need massive change and we need it now if we ever hope to have a true democracy in this country.  I don't have much hope for change but I'm trying, I hope that stuff like the Neighborhood Democracy Project can start making some headway but until we have widespread support from everyone in the country calling for complete systematic change.

There's a 'documentary' coming out financed by billionaires to discredit Obama. I don't agree with Obama on a lot of things but I don't think that we should be allowing completely false accusations by the rich against him.

It sounds like there might be a start to change as they start taxing millionaires more.  I don't know if the law will pass, but the fact that they are actually proposing it seems like a step in the right direction.

There is a new type of lightpost that has built in wifi.  I could see this being really great if the wifi is free for everyone.

There are a lot more people choosing to give up automobiles.  This gives me some hope for the future but I think we really need to figure out how to get the older generation to start embracing other types of transport like bicycles and public transit, or at least going for more fuel efficient vehicles.

I found it very disturbing that the schools in Mississippi is handcuffing the students for simply being hard to manage.  I don't see how they could even begin to think this was OK.  There are just so many things I find wrong with this I can't even begin to start.

Things just seem to keep getting worse in Wisconsin.  I don't get how this governor can still be in power, haven't they voted him out yet?

They've come up with a super small version of the vacuum tube that might become a good replacement for the transistor.  It could lead to much faster computers and computers that work in space much better.

The moral of this story?  Either be more careful about your privacy settings on facebook or don't post up pictures of huge wads of cash.

There's a bicycle specific GPS now, seems kind of like cyclopath but mobile.  I wonder how long it will take to come to the US?

A kind of old pamphlet from Noam Chomksy on Occupy.  I need to read more of it, got started on it today and copied it to my google drive so that I could share the link.

Someone has develped a computer program that treats depression for people in remote areas without access to therapists.  Someone from the Icarus project on facebook pointed out that it's really the isolation and lack of human contact that we should be concerned about, that this just gives companies another way to send people to remote locations without real concern about their actual mental health.

That was really about it for today.  Thankfully not too bad of cravings, so I guess that is getting better too.  It still feels like it's going to take me forever to actually save up enough money to make the kinds of changes I want to make in my life.  I probably would feel a little better about it if I had of had enough money to put the second $250 into my savings account like I was supposed today.  I still think it's the right choice, so I'm sticking with it. 

The highlight of my day was probably actually the fact that Loretta Trevino actually opened up a chat window with me with some questions about riding in Minneapolis.  I kind of fell in love with her when I met her at Babes in Bikeland and she's moving here later this summer.  I was hoping maybe she'd want to hang out when she gets here but didn't know what to say to her.  So having her actually want to talk to me was pretty nice.  I doubt that I really have any chance with her but it was still nice to hear from her.