My Config Package


I'm working on a new package for the Concrete5 marketplace that lets you update your config variables from a dashboard page.  I need to create a page that allows updating user variables as well, but this is a good start for one day.  Keep reading to view a screencast of what I got done tonight.

In other news, I'm crashing a little bit.  Last night I got out to St. Paul for dinner at Tanopo Noodle Shop with a friend and realized that my depression and my anxiety were both starting to act up.  It shows up first in my stomach, it was hard to focus on the excellent food because of it.  We went to the BareBones Puppet Show after and I felt better there, but still low and tired.

It's the flip side of feeling up, it's always followed by a crash.  Today I'm just totally meh and having trouble focusing on work.  I'm kind of surprised that I got as much done on this as I did today, honestly.  It's not where I thought that I was going to be, though. 

And really, the main reason that I'm even making this page was so that I could get my home page to validate on the W3C site with the Facebook stuff installed.  I had to change the doctype in order to use the facebook meta tags, which meant that I needed to change the iFrame on the home page.  I need to use the FBML version of the tag to have the proper code and actually validate. 

In order to do that, I need to register my site or my app with facebook and put the app_id into the head.  In order to do that properly on every page, I need to have an interface for setting config variables.  I could have just used the API to set the variable and be done with it, I just needed to write a couple of lines of code to set it once and it would be done.  Technically, I could have even done it against the database.  But I wanted to have a GUI to update it, and I figured that there are probably a couple of other people out there that might need the same thing.

I'm not sure if this is worth actually charging for or not, or if I should really release it.  After all, you could totally mess up your site by using it, so it should really only be used by developers who know what they are doing.

At any rate, it was something to keep me occupied and feeling productive today.  Which is good, because really I just felt like lying on the couch doing nothing...