New headphones day


I picked up some new headphones today because my old ones were starting to fall apart.  I got exactly the same kind again, keep reading to find out what makes them so awesome.

I know I'm probably going to get some flack for this, but I like to listen to headphones when I ride my bicycle.  I don't think it interferes with my ability to hear the people on the road.

A large portion of that is due to my headphones.  They are the Sony MDR-Q68LW model retractable earphone headphones.  They are pretty much made for biking.

Headphones, out of the wrapper Headphones, in the wrapper

There are several things I like about the design of these headphones.  First off they have retractable cords, which means less stuff to flop in the wind and get caught on your handlebars.  They also have a nice system for holding the headphone to your ear, with a little ear piece that holds the speaker in place over your ear without a band that goes around your head.  This is really nice so you can wear them under your helmet.

They are also an over the ear model instead of an ear bud - this means that they block a lot less of the surrounding noise from getting in to your ears.  This may sound like a bad thing but it's actually really good - you want to hear that car gunning it's engine behind you. I keep mine at about the level where I can still hear my studs on the pavement, at that volume I hear cars several hundred feet away most of the time and still can make out the music fine.  In high traffic the music can get drowned out.  On the trails I raise the volume a little bit because there are no cars.

Overall they work well and stand up to the rigors of being thrown in and out of a messenger bag on a daily basis pretty well.  The foam ear pieces can get pretty caked up with salt if you are a sweaty rider.

I picked mine up from NewEgg, you should be able to just google the part number and find yourself a dealer that has them in stock.  I think they were less than 30 dollars, I didn't really price check all that closely when I was searching for them, I just looked for a vendor that wasn't Amazon and went with the first one that had it in stock.

Other than that today was pretty uneventful.  Work was steady, had some work on product import for a men's boutique accessory/apparel shop in concrete 5 and some mobile theme problems with an older site in HutCMS for a botox / laser hair removal / etc place down south.  Not the most interesting work but it gave me something to do.  On the product import I figured out how to add a checkbox to the 'Delete File Set' button that lets you also delete all images in a product set.  The way the product import in the marketplace works, if you import images it imports all the images no matter what, so you have tons of duplicates in your file system.  I modified it to ask for a file set name to import them all to, then you can delete the old file set and all the old images and keep your server file space at a minimum.  They are going to be syncing inventory counts and maybe images several times a day, so 500 some images that many times soon adds up.

When I was done with that I worked on the concrete 5 core in github a little bit, I'm working on patching the views in the dashboard.  The way it's set up now the table styling inside of the ccm-ui class is set with a lot of padding and borders and rounded corners - which is all well and good until you try and use a javascript grid component instead of a simple html table.  I need to fix this so that we can continue to sell and support Hutman News in 5.5, as is the styling is so bad that the add on is nearly unusable.  So I have to find every place in the core that uses a table that needs the styles and add the class="ccm-ui-table' to the table in order to apply the style.  By scoping it to only tables that use this class you can still use a grid component inside of the dashboard.

It's taking a long time, I made it through install.php going through all of the results alphabetically. It's slow going because I'm verifying that every style is in fact applied and working properly.  I also fixed a bug in the core where the ul for tabs was floated left.  I don't know why they put this into the bootstrap styles but it was causing a lot of dialogs to have content pushed off to the right hand side of the dialog window, so you had to scroll to the right to see the buttons in the dialog.  Not good.  Simply removing the float fixed it, but I still don't know WHY they applied the float in the first place.  It was not there in the bootstrap styles when I checked them on github, so I felt OK with removing it.  I just wish I know why it was there.

Now I'm back to work on my new image slider idea.  I'm trying to set it up to use the new dialog class in 5.5 but haven't really gotten started on it, I watched an episode of Terra Nova after running a few errands, listening to my new headphones streaming Pandora through my smartphone.  It's really pretty sad, my phone typically has nearly no phone calls or text messages in a month, but I have gigabytes of data from streaming Pandora on the way into work every day.  I don't have any music on my phone, it's all just Pandora.

Anyway, back to work.