New laptop cases


Picked up two of these tonight, one for my Macbook Air and one for my Dell XPS-15.


Think they're going to be pretty great for hauling my computers around on bicycles. Totally waterproof, pretty good impact protection, and actually a design I kind of like. Not a lot of 'cruft' - it's still not just a bit of thick cloth. Most of the other cases you'll find are more like briefcases with a sleeve for a laptop, or a backpack. Way too much bulk for tossing in and out of messenger bags or other large backpacks where you are already carrying a bunch of stuff.

The Dell fits pretty much perfect, but there's a bit too much space for the Air. I guess they make one that's specifically for the air, but they didn't have it at Micro Center. It honestly doesn't look as good, it's more of a sleeve with a velcro flap. The same outer styling, just thinner and without a zipper. That's cool, but given some of the nastiness I may be out in riding.

Here's a video of that case: 

Found another one that showed it being sprayed down with a shower head and not getting anything wet, so... And I think that just a cut down mouse pad would keep it from rattling around at all with no issues. 

Some more research shows that this is the 'first gen' of the case, and the new ones look quite a bit better. I like the extra padding on the interior, though I'm not sure exactly how much of a difference it makes. The outside of the case seems a bit more aesthetically pleasing, too. 

Regardless, I think that these will work really well. Wish that I'd have seen the newer ones, or that they had them at the store when I was there. I paid basically the exact same price as the new ones because they were the only ones I saw. 

It looks like almost all of the cases are Macintosh specific, which really bums me out. It would be great if there were a lot more options, but I can see how with cases this specific would be hard to create with the wide variety of laptop sizes from PC manufacturers. 

I'll check back in later to say how they hold up.