Quick note before sleep


Lying in bed and I can't get an idea out of my head, might work a little better to get some sleep if I jot it down real quick...

It's simple enough, really, but not something I have the skills to put together.  Maybe I could storyboard it and have someone with video editing skill and knowledge put it together.

Basically, a viral video about "Ride a Bike, Change The World"

Shot in split screen or cut scenes, one side is someone commuting by car, the other one is someone commuting by bike. 

The narration would be talking about how, yeah, you could say it's for the environment, you could say you're saving the planet. You could say that you're doing it to get exercise, to lose the excess weight, etc. 

But at the end of the day, it's not any of these that matter.  Because, when you ride a bike, you change the world. Quite literally.  The world that you move through from the seat of a bicycle is not the same one that you experience via car or bus, you can see the positive change just in the scenery.

On a bicycle you get to move around all the cars, there should be a shot of the cyclist passing the motorist caught in gridlock. The scenery is also nicer, it would be great to juxtapose a quick breakfast grabbed from a fast-food joint with a power bar eaten from a lake side along a bicycle path. 

Stuff like those last two, enough to fill out a 60 to 90 second video, then ending with a shot of the person riding their bike off into the sunset and close with

'ride a bike, change the your world'

Maybe this is not an original idea, but I think it would be cool and get quite a bit of spread through the bike media channels. I wonder how much impact it could have outside of the bike blogosphere, but if done well it might start getting non-bike viral spread, which could be really the tipping point to the whole campaign.

Anyway, that's my thought for tonight.

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I haven't been as good about blogging as I should, but things have been a little intense for me and I've been trying not to write while they are intense because I can end up not making sense to people.  That and I've been really pretty busy. Sounds like I might be stopping the freelance pretty shortly, though, more on that in a later post.