Saturday 5-26-2012


Today was pretty uneventful too, here's what happened.

Today started out with brunch at the Seward Cafe with Laura to talk about and our upcoming trip to Lovetree Pizza Farm and the Bike Farm at the end of the month.  That went as well as could be expected, I'm not going to get into what we actually talked about.  There was a huge storm just rolling in as we got there so we ended up staying there pretty long waiting for it to pass.

After that I headed to Target to see if I could fill my new prescription there.  Turns out that they wanted 117 dollars and change for the drugs I need and I'd been told it was about 17 dollars at the Costco pharmacy.  So I decided not to fill it there and take my chances with Costco instead.  I came home and looked up where the closest one was (St. Louis Park) and called to verify that they did actually allow non-members to use the pharmacy.  They said it was open to the public so I headed out there.  It was pretty overcast still so my phone had pretty bad reception and I wasn't able to listen to Pandora the whole way out there.  That kind of sucked.

When I got out there it turned out that all of the pharmacists were on lunch so I had to wait around for about 20 minutes to drop off the prescription and then another 20 to pick it up.  Turns out it was really worth it, when I went to pay the price was actually $6.29, not 17 dollars.  Of course this might only be because I'm on a pretty low dose to start out and then ramping up.  So it might end up being more expensive in a month or two when I'm on 100mg as opposed to 25mg or 50mg.  I was pretty upset to see this much variation in the price of the medication, not in that I was able to find it so cheaply but in how it shows that the companies selling the meds are really just trying to charge as much as they possibly can for meds.  I really hate a lot of things about the drug industry, this just reinforced those opinions.  I'm glad that I'm on something that I can afford now, I just hope that it actually works for me.  Not knowing if I was going to be able to keep taking my medications was one of my stressors and caused a lot of anxiety, it's meant that I haven't had any hope of even changing where I go for treatment because I didn't know if I could get another place that would give me free samples on such a regular basis. Not that there is anything wrong with the place that I go now but I didn't like not having the option to change if I needed to.  If I wanted to move to another city or something that would be quite difficult without having a better handle on my medication.

After getting done with that I came home for a little bit and ate some reheated pizza and surfed facebook for a little bit then I went to the Icarus Project.  There were a lot of people today and it took most of the meeting to get through with check-ins and then we didn't really set a topic, people were just talking more socially vs actually trying to have a support meeting.  The only thing we really talked about as a subject was moving and that was just people talking about why they wanted to move, no real discussion on the hurdles to actually doing those moves.  We ended up taking much longer than the normal meeting time too because we had to talk some logistics after the meeting, it went until almost 8. 

We're having another meeting tomorrow night but it's unsure where we're going to do it.  There's already another thing happening at the Free Space but we are tentatively going to try to have it there. We may do it in the basement if nothing else, or if they aren't down for us doing that we might have to try and find another place to have the meeting. It's an organizing meeting trying to figure out more what we want out of the group and how to be more supportive to people outside of the group and in meetings.  We also have to figure out what to do about the fact that the Free Space is going to be closing down pretty quickly and we don't know if or when there will be another location.  So we're going to have to find another place to have our support meetings.  I'd be pretty disappointed if we can't find another space to continue the meetings, this is apparently what happened with the previous incarnation of the group when I think Arise bookstore closed.  I've come to really rely on the meetings and feel like it's really my only support network now that I don't really have any friends that I can go to. I guess that will change once I start actually going to counselling but I would still miss the group.

That was about it.  I came home and made up some raviolis for dinner and watched a documentary on the big bang.  I think I might have downloaded this series before, it's called How The Universe works.  Then I started in on the second season of Cracker.  Blogged.  I feel bad that I didn't really have any time to work on any websites.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few hours in on Waterbirth Resources.  I'm meeting with a friend in the afternoon which will take some time and then there's the Icarus meeting so I probably won't get anything actually won't get much done.  Thankfully I have time to work on it Monday as well, the only thing happening Monday is a meeting for the Neighborhood Democracy Project to go over what we're going to talk about at the meeting on Tuesday.  Tuesday I have to work out in Golden Valley because of the holiday where normally I would work from home.  That might make getting to the meeting a little difficult, I'm hoping that Robert will let me take off about 4 so I can get there on time.  They might want to demonstrate the website as part of the meeting so I want to be there to answer any questions that people might have.

I didn't have that bad of cravings today until I got home from Icarus and was stuck with the prospect of the rest of the night.  After dinner was another trigger, I really wanted an after dinner bowl to take the edge off of things.  Keeping busy the whole day pretty much from the point that I woke up made things easier.  But most of my days aren't like that, I doubt the rest of the weekend will be like that.  I'm supposed to put another 200 dollars in the savings account on Tuesday but I spent too much money out of this paycheck so I can't do that.  I'm a little disappointed by that. 

Here's some of what I found interesting today on the net when I wasn't out doing things:

Occupy Homes is hoping to help a renter who is being affected by her scumbag landlord being foreclosed on and being a scumbag, there's a BBQ on Monday to plan what to do next.

A town in Wales has completely covered it's landmarks in QR codes that link to Wikipedia.  I'm not sure if this is awesome or totally stupid. 

NPR has a good article on the obscene amounts of money being funneled into our elections and the kind of people making the huge donations.

According to this article Obama was a huge pot smoker when he was younger.  I'm not sure how true this is or if it's just someone trying to keep him from being re-elected.  If he was such a big user I'm surprised that he's not pushing for legalization.

A dad who's son's iPad was stolen by his principal created a fake porn account to try and keep him from ever working anywhere again and ended up charged with two felonies in the process.

The NYPD's stop and frisk laws have been opened up to a class action lawsuit.  This could be potentially be huge.

A couple videos from the space station showing the new SpaceX Dragon.

Those needleless injections in Star Trek?  Now they're reality.

There's a restaurant in Berkley California that has implemented noise cancelling technology to keep conversations from overwhelming neighboring tables.  I wonder how long until this is standard in high-end restaurants?

New Mexico keeps sounding worse and worse, they just fired their chief medical officer for promoting condom use to prevent the spread of disease in teenagers.  I can't believe how backward this state is from everything I hear they are doing.

A nice article from the New York Times about the fight over genetically modified food.

A good piece from TED about renewable energy.  The bottom line?  We can't create enough energy with renewables to continue at our current level of consumption.  We need to reduce our energy use drastically if we want to get off of fossil fuels.

In San Fransisco they caught a bike thief with 114 bicycles

In Maine there's a mobile bike repair shop that fixes bikes for kids for free.  I'd love to see something similar in the Twin Cities, there have been several people I've heard talk about doing mobile repairs here but nothing that's ever gotten off the ground.

Those rearview cameras for cars?  Now there's one for bicycles.  I wonder how well the electronics stand up to rain.

An article from the Huffington Post about the Occupy Homes defense of the Cruz home.\

A company is trying to do online mental health treatment.  I wonder how well it will work, it seems that there are a lot of potential problems with it.

A 19 year old intern lived in the AOL offices for 2 months without anyone noticing.

And that was my whole day.