Tuesday 5-29-2012


Today was pretty long, here's a short note on what happened.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning and tried to get out of bed to head into work early but I just couldn't get motivated.  I headed in at the usual time.  Work was pretty busy, the next 2 weeks also will be really busy.  I hope that we can get everything done in time, we have some hard deadlines that don't seem possible to me.

I had to leave at 4 to get home and pick up chai and head to the Occupy meeting.  There was a raid at the Cruz home that got a lot of people out so people didn't really show up for our meeting.  The few people that did show up were mostly late.  It was an alright meeting, I think that we are going to get a couple more people involved but not as many as we were hoping for.

After that we headed to the Cruz house but I didn't stay long then I headed home.  Ate a little more food and typed this up.  Really a pretty mellow day.