Tuesday 6-12-2012 Work and Occupy Canvassing


Today was pretty mellow at work, then I took off a little early to do some canvassing for Occupy.  We only hit up a few streets but got a lot of good responses and a lot of people interested in coming out to the neighborhood forum.

I woke up pretty early today and kind of needed to head out to the coop to buy some stuff to make lunch but I really couldn't get myself out of bed.  I was having too interesting of dreams which I can't really remember now except that they involved space and a bird-man species where non-consensual insemination or really rape could happen simply by a male leaving behind dander on different objects that would impregnate the females when they touched it and cause them to explode when they gave birth.  Really weird.

I finally got up when it was pretty much time to get started working.  A little early so I could start up a batch of chai.  We were pretty well caught up with most work stuff so I ended up spending most of the morning working on the upgrade of our own hutman.net website to concrete 5.  I had worked on it quite a bit a few months ago but Robert didn't really like the way it worked out with a page list grid of thumbnails and content and a featured project randomly displayed that had an attributes slider, then you drilled down from the page list to a page with an attributes slider for the current portfolio and the same grid of other projects to browse through.  He wanted to try doing it with the new block that we did based on Attributes Slider called Modal Files where you have a text block and thumbnail that when clicked on opens a lightbox up where you can navigate forward and back to other images with title and text inside of the lightbox.  That took me several hours to get set up, I think it turned out OK but I really don't know.  It's always hard for me to come up with stuff for portfolios, as the one on this site probably shows.  I also don't really know what Robert wants for design and I'm not really a designer so that is hard too.

We ended up deploying a lot of changes to one big project that had a client review with the end client and our client in the afternoon today.  I'm pretty glad that we got everything published on time and the meeting went well, I wasn't in the meeting but I knew it was really important that we have several things done because we're already a bit behind on the whole project and it was really down to the wire to get it out.  I was pretty worried but Robert made it all work out somehow.

I also noticed while looking at our transactions page for Hutman that we've only actually bought 1 copy of Attributes Slider.  Not really a big deal because it's for my work but I kind of feel like we should have licensed it for the 7-10 sites that we've used it on.  I'm going to do some research to find out how many sites we've used it on and make sure in the future that I'm not just logging into my personal concrete 5 account and downloading a copy of it for the sites we do at work.  It's not a huge amount of money but if it was any other add on from the marketplace we'd have to license it more than just once.

I managed to clear up most of the work stuff a few hours before the day was over, so I tried to launch Illustrator to make a vector version of some more logos for the NDP project.  For some reason Illustrator crashed my virtual machine every time that I tried to launch it so I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall it.  Thankfully that worked, as far as I know the rest of the applications work, at least Photoshop launched without needing a reboot.  By the time I was done and could launch Illustrator again it was nearly time to head out for canvassing for the Neighborhood Democracy Project. 

We ended up with four people doing the canvassing and we were running low on surveys and log / signup sheets.  We did Milwaukee street and then some of 22nd street.  So we didn't get very far but we got 20 surveys and a few more people that wanted to know about the upcoming forums but didn't want to fill out surveys.  I think later on this week I'm going to try to redo the survey layout and signup sheet layouts to be a little better and more accurate, right now the version we have that is all on one sheet doesn't have yes/no/somewhat options for three of the questions that are yes/no/somewhat in the online version, they just have an area for comments.  This is actually an oversight but one of the people from the group was expressing concern that I was going to unilaterally make a change to add it in.   It wouldn't really be a change, it would be going back to the correct version of the survey that we agreed upon by consensus and actually had in the first versions of the survey, it's not really changing anything but instead fixing an error.  After we ran out of surveys we headed back to Boneshaker to pick up our stuff and put away the clipboards and sheets of paper.  I took the 20 surveys that we finished home and will probably enter them in tomorrow after work. 

From there we headed over to Pizza Luce for dinner.  Since I'd actually had re-heated Luce for lunch because I didn't go buy supplies to make a sandwich so I decided to order a salad and some lasagna instead of chipping in for a large pizza with everyone else.  That was probably a good idea because everyone else ended up finishing up the pizza so there probably wasn't enough for four people.  I also ordered a Surly Furious to drink with it even though nobody else was drinking, I was curious to see what it tastes like because I haven't drank and Surly in quite a long time.  I used to drink a ton of beer from the same brewer when he was working down at the Rock Bottom, I think I was the third of fourth person to get their name on a barrel of beer for drinking something like 120 32 oz mugs.  It was pretty yummy.  I wasn't able to finish the lasagna because it was huge.  I brought the leftovers home.  I also remembered that one of the people owed me 10 dollars from May Day when I spotted him some for the food trucks so my dinner cost a little less than half of what it should have.  That was nice.

After that I just headed home to watch some Time Team .  I thought about riding across town with the woman who had found my GPS to pick it up from her house because she'd forgotten to bring it to the meeting but decided that it really wasn't that big of a deal.  I'm really not going to have much time to get a lot of riding in any time soon.  It actually worries me a lot about the upcoming Powderhorn 24.  I'm in no way ready to ride my bicycle for 24 hours straight.  I think I might actually be racing for DFL if I'm going for anything.  Or maybe I should just withdraw and volunteer to help out at a stop instead.  At this point there's no way that I'm going to build up the base that I need in time, it wouldn't matter how much time I spend in the saddle over the next two weeks I still wouldn't be in proper shape.  I have the feeling I'll just really kill myself trying to keep riding.

I also checked in at Boneshaker about using the space on the weekend for Icarus project.  It seems like there are already several things going on on the weekend that might end up conflicting so we couldn't use the space.  But apparently their calendar isn't always updated so they gave me an email to events@boneshakerbooks.com when I got home explaining what our needs are and the ideal times that we would be looking for in a meeting space.  Hopefully I hear back from someone soon, we only have one meeting left at the Minnehaha Free Space actually on the last day they are open before they close.  It's unclear if/when they will open up in a new location and we really can't just wait on them, we need to find a new space soon to keep continuous meetings  going.  The last time we had a space close (before my time) there simply was no Icarus for a long time because there was no new space found.  I really hope that we can find another good space to use so that we can keep going, the group has really grown on me and I feel a lot better about things for having going.  Now that I'm going to be going to be starting up regular counselling it's probably going to be less of an issue that I meet with Icarus but I also have the feeling that I'll also be more likely to share some things with Icarus that I might not feel comfortable sharing with a mental health professional, especially if there are things that might make a regular provider do something like put me on a lot heavier meds or commit me to an institution.  I don't feel in any danger of this now but I think it is possible, and I'd like to avoid both of those scenarios if possible.

That was about it for today.