Wednesday 6-6-2012 Lots of data entry


Today was kind of steady at work except for a small break in the afternoon where I entered some data from the surveys we'd conducted for Occupy NDP.  I ended up breaking the form when I tried to update it and had to re-enter everything again once I got home. 

I can't honestly even remember the specifics of what I worked on today.  Mostly it was all small stuff and trying to get some code for a mobile application that runs queries against a c5 database and another web application framework to get its data.  It turned out that I was missing some code for the thing so of course it wouldn't run, after we got the full code base it was easy enough to get it set up.  There was some debugging of an application with mailchimp integration which took quite a bit of time, mostly because the way the controllers for the c5 side of things were set up were so backwards and strange. 

In the afternoon I had some down time where I couldn't get the mobile app working and Robert was busy with deploying the changes that we'd done to the mail chimp side of things so I was waiting on that.  So I decided to do some data entry on the surveys that we'd been doing in Seward for the Neighborhood Democracy Project.  I got about halfway or maybe 2/3 of the way through the 50 sheets of paper when it became obvious that three of the questions weren't yes/no but yes/no/somewhat.  People had just been writing in answers and in one version of the survey that we'd been conducting there weren't actually yeses or nos on the form for people to circle.  I tried to update the google form's questions to reflect this but it just made duplicate questions so I had to scrap the whole form and start over.  I gave up on it until I got home.

When I got home I updated the form and started doing the data entry again.  I ordered in pizza for dinner so I wouldn't have to take a break from it to get food or cook food, actually cooking food would have involved doing dishes which I did get started on but I'm still not done with.

Got done with the data entry and took screenshots from the 'survey results' screen in the google docs and started to write up a blog post for the NDP website.  As I was writing down the comments on a couple of questions it became obvious that I had duplicates so I had to figure out which ones were dupes and which were good.  Thankfully there was one row in the spreadsheet that was blank, when I deleted the ones above this row I had the same number of results as I had sheets of paper, 50.  I had to take new screenshots and replace the images on the c5 site but that wasn't too bad.

It was kind of annoying trying to copy and paste from the google documents into the tinymce editor, I ended up having to edit a bunch of the html by hand to remove span tags that shouldn't have been there.  After I finished up with the blog post I updated the other two neighborhood surveys with the new question formats and then updated the iframes that display them on the neighborhood pages taller so they didn't have scrollbars.  I also actually made my personal account on the site an administrator as well just to make my life a little easier.  Then I added in 'Hey, do you want to help in these neighborhoods?  Email us here if you do..." posts to Uptown and Northeast neighborhoods so that they would actually have a little bit of content in the blog post area so the div wasn't just blank and collapsed. 

So far 20 people have visited the post, which is probably more traffic than we had on the site the whole of the last two weeks.  That makes me pretty happy.  They're going to link it up on the OccupyMN facebook page as well which should also get us a lot more traffic.  So maybe we will get a few people actually signing up for the site as they visit it, and maybe some of those people will start posting in the forums and creating blog posts.  That would be the ideal outcome.

But yeah, most of my day was spent working on a blog post for a different site so my post here today is going to be pretty short and not really all that interesting.  Go check out the other post to see what I was doing.