Wednesday 6-7-2012


Today was pretty uneventful.  Here's what happened.

I woke up pretty early today and took a shower then was going to make up some french toast for breakfast but I realized that my milk was expired so instead I went back to bed to rest for another half hour before heading out to work.  I ended up nearly falling back asleep then woke up nearly too late to get to work on time.  I was still pretty hungry so I ate some shot blocks and a toffee waffle to have something in my belly before riding into work.

I stopped in at Freewheel on the way into work to pick up a scone or a muffin and they told me just to eat the free food for bike to work day.  Since I was already late for work I asked for a bag and loaded up with pastries and headed into work.  It seemed like there was a pretty strong headwind but I'm sure I was just imagining it because I still felt like there was a headwind on the way home too.  In the end I only ended up being about 10 minutes late for work which wasn't too bad.

I spent most of the day working on our big project, this time on the yii framework mobile application.  Robert was out of the office at the client's for a good portion of the day and I ended up stuck for a few hours until he got back.  By the end of the day I at least had some idea of how application worked and had stubbed in sample code for a few of the sections that needed updating.  I couldn't figure out some of the more complicated portions so I had to leave those for Robert.  I have some more to work on tomorrow that I think I can figure out which is good.  I'm not sure if it will fill out the full day or not but it could take awhile.  I'm feeling a little better about this portion of it, we have to demo the updated code to the end client on Tuesday and I was pretty nervous about getting it done.  If Robert is able to get the main problem figured out then my code will work off of his and we will be on time.  I trust his programming skills a lot more than my own so I feel pretty confident that we will actually meet this deadline.

After work I just headed home.  Did some more planning for our Pizza Farm trip at the end of the month - if anyone feels like joining us we have a couple of open spots still to make 12 people.  It should be a lot of fun, 3 nights of camping and four of riding, the longest day is only a little over 60 miles and the others are much shorter.  We'll be stopping at William O'Brien, Love Tree Pizza Farm, Interstate Park, Franconia Sculpture Park and Willow River Park.  If you're reading this and think it sounds fun just send me a message or leave a comment and I can forward on the details to you.  Tonight I figured out what the distance would be for the sag wagon so we could estimate the cost of gas.  I'm not sure what the total will be on that yet, it's about 184 miles but I don't know how expensive gas is or what kind of mileage the car gets.  If we get 12 people to come then it's about $16.50 for the lodging, but it's support yourself for food and booze and any other incidentals.

Then I made a quick tweak to the site.  I set it up to have registration enabled but needing email verification, there still isn't a link to the registration page anywhere so that link will be shared with anyone but people who they want to be bloggers.  Once someone confirms their email they get an HTML email now that tells them about how to use the blog package and what types of content they want people adding to the site.  I did this by hooking into the 'v' function in the login controller, it was pretty simple.  Probably I should have done it properly and made it an event that's fired when you call $ui->markValidated() but just putting the email sending inside of the function worked just fine so I left it there.  I still don't know what's going on with the links on centered images and wish I could figure that out.

While I was doing that I watched the last two episodes of Game of Thrones.  It was alright, I'll probably watch the next season when it comes out.  Now I'm watching some more of Cracker.  Nearly done with this series too.  I'm looking for new stuff to watch, if anyone has any ideas for good series with strong writing and story lines that arc over the course of several episodes or a whole season I'd love to hear them.

Tomorrow night a friend from Occupy is throwing a little get together at his house that I might go to.  I have the feeling if I do go then I'll want to pick up a six pack to drink while I'm there so maybe it's not the best idea to head out.  I might just stay home instead.  There's a lot of stuff happening this weekend to keep me busy, maybe I'll just get a ride in Friday night or something instead.  I'd like to head out but I don't really trust myself to do it.